Sataray’s alluring, dark aura gets inside your bloodstream, chills on EP ‘Blood Trine Moon’

Photo by Hali Autumn

I was just having a conversation with someone about using substances when listening to music in order for the elements of the art to open up in different ways. It’s not a plight to get fucked up; you can do that anytime. Instead, I see it as a way to let the music work into you in ways your brain might not allow otherwise so that you can absorb it in a different manner.

I guess what I’m saying is I want to get high listening to Sataray’s new EP “Blood Trine Moon,” and it’s only because the impact it has on me sober likely can’t match what it would with some THC in my system. This four-track collection is immersive in a way that it acts like a ghost within your body, guiding you and helping you achieve visions you didn’t know were possible. Sataray titled this EP metaphorically to describe her creative process of bleeding and reflecting, and it impacts the music in such a haunting and gorgeous way that it is impossible not to be overcome from endless chills down your spine. It’s impossible to describe with words, but that’s why we’re here, so let’s try.

“Astara” opens with noises pulsating and a murky cloudiness overhead, swallowing you as chimes tingle. Ominous tones take over as spacey isolation becomes more apparent, darkness enveloping as Sataray chants the title as everything is vaporized. “The Lake” jars with synth and a shadowy essence, while ghostly calls emanate from damp corners. Weird vocals surround you as alien vibes work through your bloodstream, and an angelic haze lures you to somewhere you might not feel safe. “Fecundi” enters with a sense of regal origin, the vocals hovering over you in the collecting fog. That whole thing enshrouds as sounds vibrate, and a hand reaches out from the mystery, building pressure and bowing out to the night. “Hexen Nacht” closes things with voices gathering and an epic vibe building with synth strikes dashing. Percussive sounds rattle as the playing sweeps, and then beats punish and tease. A warming stretches over everything as the darkness thickens and your consciousness fades.

Sataray’s music is a ghoulish presence that easily can overtake you if you let it, and there’s no reason you should fear that journey. “Blood Trine Moon” is a calming but battered tribute to the creative process, a glimpse into her mind as she uses the spirit that moves her and compels the music you hear on this EP. This is a rich, stimulating experience that should align with anyone who sees the music they embrace as a sort of psychological partner.

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