Mexican maulers Introtyl bring bloodied, infectious death metal assault on decimating ‘Adfectus’

Death metal carnage comes in many forms, it’s created by all kinds of people, and as long as it’s done right—which is more a matter of feel than some archaic rules—it flattens like no other style of music. There’s a ton of it out there, and we’ve repeatedly lamented the deep swamp of just-OK bands that weigh down the sound, but finding something that resonates still has all the impact it ever had over death metal’s lifespan.

Mexican death quartet Introtyl have their muddy boots deeply ensconced in the traditional killing fields, their sound feeling like something that would feel at home in the early 1990s. On their thunderous second record “Adfectus,” everything hums like a well-oiled massacre machine, and the eight tracks run seamlessly, keeping things focused on the riffs, the growls, and the punishment. The band—vocalist Kary Ramon, guitarist Rose Contreras, bassist Sariux Rivera, drummer Annie Ramírez—lays waste on this, their second record, and blister you with guttural, punchy death metal that’ll stick to your bones and leave you battered and deeply bruised in the best way possible.

“Abyss” rips absolutely with throaty growls from Ramos, guitars spiraling, and the bass chugging heavily. Snarling chugs and metallic menace combine, the playing crunches, and gutting hell dumps you heaving on the ground. “Under My Skin” has chewy riffs and decimating pressure, feeling like a monster heading toward space. The growls squash your bowels, the growls scrape, and everything gets gnarly, crushing and sending spit flying. “Fear” delivers sprawling guitars and growls laced with poison as things get more vicious as they go. The riffs race and go off, the tempo blinds you, the drums explode, and the muscular bass splits bones alongside them, leaving ample bruising. “Inner War” stomps heavily and the growls devastate, and then it whips into thrashy madness, the growls licking up the blood left behind. Riffs twist as the vocals spit nails, your brain is tangled into a jumbled mess, and the final moments bring total brutality.

“Anger” is ideally named as the riffs sink in its teeth, ferocious growls take hold, and everything spirals, leaving the room spinning and you clinging to the walls. The guitars mangle as the vocals smash digits, the drums rumble, and the guitars race off into the distance. “Flame” tries to swallow you whole as fast, violent pacing does its damage, and then things get nastier, the bass playing again flexing its ample muscles. Rivera’s work on this record is a highlight, by the way. She’s a killer. The violence is amplified again, and a calculated finish is centered and vile. “Redemption” is built with raspy howls, guitars digging in its heels, and Ramos wailing, “Release your hate!” The ground rumbles as the playing comes unglued, wild blows land hard, and everything ends with a gust of roared breath. “Zombified” is the final chapter, and the riffs jerk and contribute to the insanity. The simple one-word chorus is effective and jarring, the guitars thrash, and the juices flow hard. This would be an excellent live set closer for the entire existence of the band as it brings infernal heat, it’s fun as fuck, and its wildness is impossible to corral.

Introtyl is a death metal force that will devour you, chew you up, and spit out your half-digested corpse on the bloody ground. “Adfectus” is a devastating record, a tried-and-true death metal assault that pays homage to the subgenre’s roots and carries the banner into the future. This is a punisher, a marked step up from their strong debut record, and a statement that should land like a comet into the earth’s crust once this beast is unleashed on the world.

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