Castrator turn blades toward oppressors, blast vicious death on crushing ‘Defiled in Oblivion’

If you’re living in the United States and feel women and people who can carry children should have their say over their reproductive choices, the past few weeks have been fucking infuriating as we watched a SCOTUS with an agenda destroy progress and right to privacy. What do you expect from a drunken doofus, a man whose wife poorly tried to help overthrow the election, and a bunch of liars?

Metal hasn’t always been kind to women and anyone who is not male, and the misogyny that’s run amok over the years and very much still exists today has been sickening. I say this as a dude who doesn’t experience what they do, so I’m sure I don’t know the half of it. Castrator, a death metal band that has spent the past few years fighting back against oppression both in metal and the world are delivering their crushing debut record “Defiled in Oblivion,” and it goes right for the throat. The band—vocalist Clarissa Badini (also of Vicious Blade, who we just visited a few weeks back), guitarist Kimberly Orellana, bassist Robin Mazen (Derketa, Gruesome), drummer Carolina Perez (Hypoxia)—tears through 10 tracks, one of which is a savage and very fitting cover, and the power absolutely clobbers you and makes it very clear the old guard will not be permitted to stand.

“Dawa of Yousafzai” starts with a clip of Malala Yousafzai declaring, “They thought that the bullet would silence us. But they failed. Weakness, fear, and hopelessness died. Strength, power, and courage was born.” Then grinding, deadly death metal ruptures, tearing apart flesh, draining veins, and the power blows you back. Badini’s growls are deeper and more guttural than her work in Vicious Blade, and she’s surrounded by carnage fueled by rage and revenge. “Tormented by Atrocities” has riffs firing up and tearing things apart, the growls tunneling into chests. There are some weird and punchy moments that make you tilt your head in a good way, the growls gut, and the pummeling ends in guitar squall. “Befoul My Existence” ignites with guitars rampaging and the playing scraping flesh from the bone. The growls smother as the playing generates heat, hazy strangeness hovers, and the fires engulf until the track ends abruptly. “Inquisition Sins” is punishing and chugging, going for the throat as the vocals strike. There’s a growl/shriek mix that chews through muscle as the soloing erupts, rounding back to hell and smashing boundaries. “Voices of Evirato” enters with liturgical chants surrounding and guitars enveloping, the stomping feeling like it’s trying to lead a path to dismemberment. Speedy bursts clobber as the soloing explores, the playing leads to increased heat, and the howled vocals leave bruising.

“Forsaken and Deprived” lets riffs spill from the seams, the speed increasing and making the surroundings seem dangerous and unruly. Growls bring menace as the tempo goes for the throat, rampaging and splattering with ash. “Sinister Mind” has guitars whipping in with force as the vocals are spat out with Badini stabbing, “Don’t waste your time, prepare to die!” The playing keeps the juices flowing violently, and Badini promises “no forgiveness” as the track slashes to the end. “Purge the Rotten (Ones)” unloads speedy riffs and a mucky path that promises to challenge your muscles and well-being. The soloing explodes and rampages toward the sun, crazed charging lays your psyche to waste, and Badini howls, “No one will ever know,” which sends chills down your spine. “Tyrant’s Verdict” comes out of the gates swinging, drawing blood and forcing your face into the ground. Classic thrash-style soling overflows and chars, the growls boil in filth, and vile punishment threatens your security. The record ends with a slashing cover of the Venom classic “Countess Bathory” that completely makes sense and tears down the walls, putting a fresh coat of blood and piss onto a metallic landmark.

Castrator take no prisoners and aim to destroy those who support oppression and tyranny with “Defiled in Oblivion,” a ripping slab of classic death metal. Seeing metal dudes squirm over these four women taking the goddamn burdizzo into their own hands and showing their strength and bloodshed skills surely makes them shake and cower. This is a savage debut record, one that turns the tables on the people who have tried to lead metal by force and cast doubt on anyone who doesn’t look and sound like them. Castrator are here, and now the crumbling authorities no longer are safe.  

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