Top 40 albums recap

40. HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, “Overtaker” (self-released)

39. CIRKELN, “A Song to Sorrow” (True Cult)

38. BOOK OF SAND, “Seven Candles for an Empty Altar” (Fiadh Productions)

37. AURIFEROUS FLAME, “The Great Mist Within” (True Cult)

36. HOLY FAWN, “Dimensional Bleed” (Wax Bodega)

35. DREADNOUGHT, “The Endless” (Profound Lore)

34. LUSTRE, “A Thirst for Summer Rain” (Nordvis Produktion)

33. FORLESEN, “Black Terrain” (I, Voidhanger)

32. THOU/MIZMOR, “Myopia” (Gilead Media)

31. INEXORUM, “Equinox Vigil” (Gilead Media)

30. WIEGEDOOD, “There’s Always Blood at the End of the Road” (Century Media)

29. HOREHOUND, “Collapse” (Blackseed)

28. WHITE WARD, “False Light” (Debemur Morti)

27. CASTRATOR, “Defiled in Oblivion” (Dark Descent)

26. NARAKH, “Nemesis Cloak” (self-released)

25. SUMERLANDS, “Dreamkiller” (Relapse)

24. PYRITHE, “Monuments to Impermanence” (Gilead Media)

23. SONJA, “Loud Arriver” (Cruz del Sur)

22. KEN MODE, “Null” (Artoffact)

21. ELDER, “Innate Passage” (Stickman/Armageddon Shop)

20. CULT OF LUNA, “The Long Road North” (Metal Blade)

19. CLOUD RAT, “Threshold” (Artoffact)

18. DAEVA, “Through Sheer Will and Black Magic” (20 Buck Spin)

17. EIGHT BELLS, “Legacy of Ruin” (Prophecy Productions)

16. ESOCTRILIHUM, “Consecration of Spiritüs Flesh” (I, Voidhanger)

15. KONVENT, “Call Down the Sun” (Napalm)

14. FALLS OF RAUROS, “Key to a Vanishing Future” (Gilead Media/Eisenwald)

13. BLUT AUS NORD, “Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses” (Debemur Morti)

12. MARES OF THRACE, “The Exile” (Sonic Unyon)

11. MESSA, “Close” (Svart)

10. NECHOCHWEN, “Kanawha Black” (Bindrune Recordings)

9. RIPPED TO SHREDS, “劇變 (Jubian)” (Relapse)

8. CHAT PILE, “God’s Country” (The Flenser)

7. URUSHIOL, “Pools of Green Fire” (Augur Tongues)

6. FAETOOTH, “Remnants of the Vessel” (Dune Altar)

5. DREAM UNENDING, “Song of Salvation” (20 Buck Spin)

4. COME TO GRIEF, “When the World Dies” (Translation Loss)

3. THE OTOLITH, “Folium Lumina” (Blues Funeral)

2. DOLDRUM, “The Knocking, Or the Story of the Sound the Preceded Their Disappearance” (Katafalque)

1. CAVE IN, “Heavy Pendulum” (Relapse)

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