Track debut! Kuolevan Rukous spill black beast ‘Tempelschlaf’

I appreciate when a band can get right to the point, and with German death/doom/black metal machine Kuolevan Rukous (means The Prayer of Death), they’re as blunt as can be. Their lyrical themes are listed as “apparitions, hauntings, dying, funerals,” and honestly what else do you need to know?

OK, sure, how does it sound? Well, the band’s “Demo 2023” is out April 14, but we have an advanced listen for you of one track, that being “Tempelschlaf.” It’s nasty, filthy, and it feels like a harbinger of the worst possible devastation. Sooty and thick, the track slithers through hell, dragging you along with it, absolute morbidity the only thing ahead of you. It’s vile, it’s threatening, and it leaks into your brain turning your blood black. And this is just one track! Check it out below, and bow your head to the void.

As noted, the album is out digitally April 14, and it also will be released on tape through Vita Detestabilis, Reaping Death Records, and Grieve Records.

For more on the band, go here:

For more on the label, go here:

And here:

And here:

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