Tombs totally crush you with second album

Brooklyn’s Tombs are massive. Just earthquaking. They’re one of the best metal bands out there right now, and calling them just metal seems to be cutting them short.

Their new record is called “Path of Totality,” and it’s out on Relapse. Below, I’ll paste in some links where you can go to buy this new mammoth. What’s even cooler about just getting the new disc is that Relapse also is including a copy of their last full-length “Winter Hours” (at least I think that offer still stands, but maybe it was only for preorders), as well as a new T, if you prefer. There’s also an offer from Shirts and Destroy that includes a T-shirt that is, um, weird looking? But everyone’s tastes vary, so maybe you’ll dig it. I’ve ordered from S&D before, and their service is excellent (as is Relapse’s, obviously).

My review of “Path of Totality” just went live at Lamboat, and you can find it right here:

For more on Tombs, go here:

To buy “Path of Totality” from Relapse, go here:

To buy it at Shirts and Destroy, go here:

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