Friday notes: Hooded Menace, Christian Mistress, Liturgy

Christian Mistress (via their site)

I had a completely different idea for today’s content than what I’m going to end up offering today, but I have good reason or that.

About 2 p.m, yesterday, I fell off my porch and broke my ankle. Awesome. The several-hour trip to the ER for an X-ray and cast got in the way of preparing today’s content, and by the time I got home, all I felt like doing was lying on the couch, Vicodin and Motrin coursing through my veins. Listening to the new Helms Alee helped as well, and we’ll look at that record next week.

So I’m not totally mentally capable enough to whip together a comprehensive album review or anything else, so instead, I’ll just give you some news bits that I came across recently that hopefully will be of some interest to you, if you haven’t already seen these elsewhere. This weekend, I plan to dig into the new Barghest album (it’s coming out on vinyl by way of always trusty Gilead Media), as well as the upcoming Today Is the Day and Toxic Holocaust,  both of which finally were released to the media in the past 24 hours. Tremendous! That’ll make being couch-ridden that much more tolerable.


Hooded Menace

Finish death/doom merchants Hooded Menace are the latest signing to Relapse, who are bolstering the hell out of their roster with some really interesting signings. In fact, another new one makes up our next little news bit. The band’s last full-length (and second overall) was last year’s “Never Cross the Dead,” an excellent piece of skullduggery that came out on Profound Lore (a label that seems perfect for them) and really appeared to elevate their profile among metal audiences. Now with Relapse behind them, they should get even bigger. They followed “Never Cross” with some split efforts alongside the likes of Ilsa, Asphyx and Japanese maulers Coffins (yet another band we’ll be looking at soon), and they even completely revamped their roster, with Lasse Pyykko the only man left standing from the lineup. The band has promised to keep up with mini and split releases on smaller labels to complement their work with Relapse, and we wait with baited breath for their next graveyard opus.

For more on the band, go here:

To buy “Never Cross the Dead,” go here:

To buy a Hooded Menace T-shirt, go here:

For Relapse’s site, go here:


While we’re on Relapse, they also scooped up Olympia, Wash., doom throwback quintet Christian Mistress, who recently released their kick-ass “Agony & Opium” EP last year on 20 Buck Spin. Their hard rock-led, smoky metal sounds like it was transported straight from the 1970s, almost like an evil spawn of Heart before they went all pop in the ’80s. Yet there’s something about them that sounds very fresh and current, almost like they’re on the cusp of something they’ll lead into the future alongside likewise acts such as Jex Thoth and Witch Mountain, who we discussed earlier this week. Christine Davis’ vocals are amazing and powerful, ensuring she is in total control of what’s going on when she’s standing in front of you. The band has made a reputation on their strong live shows, and they even got the stamp of approval from Darkthrone’s Fenriz, metal’s go-to source for what bands deserve your hard-earned cash. Christian Mistress are getting ready to record their new album with Tim Green, who has worked with The Melvins, Monotonix, and The Fucking Champs, and when we know more about a release date, we’ll have that here. Until then, if you haven’t heard “Agony & Opium” just yet, by all means, go out of your way to find it.

For more on the band, go here:

To buy “Agony & Opium,” go here:



Transcendental black metal band Liturgy seem to be pissing off as many people as they’re exciting with their music. Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, frontman and guitarist, has ruffled more than a few feathers with his piece “Transcendental Black Metal: A Vision of Apocalyptic Humanism,” and recently Woe’s Chris Grigg took time to respond to that and some of Hunt-Hendrix’s other comments on the genre in general, which you can find below.

For Grigg’s reaction to Hunt-Hendrix, go here:

For Hunt-Hendrix’s response to Grigg, go here:

I also saw a review recently that decided Liturgy can’t possibly be termed black metal because they lack the proper image. Um… What? Can’t possibly disagree any more with that assertion. No matter how you feel about the band, you can’t deny they have sparked controversy and discussion. Isn’t that a good thing? For all the bands that come down the pike, how many draw such reaction and emotion? Very few. So I’d argue these guys are doing things just right, and the debate is very healthy. The band is going on tour for their new record “Aesthetica,” which we reviewed recently, and their tour dates appear at the end of this piece.

For more on the band, go here:

To buy “Aesthetica,” go here:

To grab their new T-shirt, go here:

To see the band live, go to one of these places below:

July 5   Washington, DC — DC9 w/Dope Body

July 6   Pittsburgh, PA –Brillobox w/Dope Body

July 7   Cleveland, OH — Grog Shop w/Dopy Body

July 8   Bloomington, IN — Russian Recording

July 9   Chicago, IL — West Fest

July 9   Chicago, IL — Empty Bottle w/Dope Body

July 10  St. Louis, MO — Firebird w/Dope Body

July 11  Kansas City, MO — Record Bar w/Dope Body

July 12  Denver, CO — Hi Dive

July 13  Salt Lake City, UT — Kilby Court

July 15  Anacortes, WA — What The Heck Fest

July 16  Seattle, WA — El Corazon

July 17  Olympia, WA — Northern

July 18  Portland, OR — Branx

July 20  San Francisco, CA — Bottom of the Hill

July 22  Santa Barbara, CA –Muddy Waters

July 23  Los Angeles, CA — The Echo

July 24  Costa Mesa, CA — Detroit Bar

July 25  San Diego, CA — Casbah

July 26  Scottsdale, AZ — The Rogue Bar

July 28  Austin, TX — Red 7

July 29  Baton Rouge, LA — Spanish Moon

July 30  Birmingham, AL — Bottletree

July 31  Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade

Aug. 1   Wilmington, NC — The Soapbox

Aug. 2   Baltimore, MD — Floristree

Aug. 3   Philadelphia, PA — Kung Fu Necktie

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