Something old, something new: Nihilist, Craft

Nihilist. And their hair.

Southern Lord’s been doing a lot of crusty, hardcore-related releases lately, and true to the label’s form, they’ve been pretty damn worthy additions. Heard those Greek bashers Sarabante yet? You should, because like the other bands in their underground release series, they’re damn good. They also have the new one coming up from Balaclava called “Crimes of Faith,” a follow-up to their excellent “Shame” effort that came out on Forcefield, and the debut full-length by supergroup All Pigs Must Die.

But the label hasn’t abandoned metal by any means, and now we’re looking at a couple of exciting new releases, one of which will give listeners a proper history lesson (and listen), while the other will scare the living hell out of you. This is one of the many reasons we write about Southern Lord so often, because their stuff rarely steers you wrong, they add depth to your understanding and experiences in metal and, quite frankly, we just really like the label. Always have.

First up, and the one I’m personally most excited about, is “Carnal Leftovers,” a complete collection of Nihilist recordings that many people probably have only heard about but not actually had a chance to experience for themselves. The band eventually paved the way for the formation of legendary death metal band Entombed, and Nihilist’s bass player Johnny Hedlund went on to form one of the most important Viking metal bands of all time in Unleashed. So this is pretty vital stuff to have at your disposal, and there are only 2,000 copies of this thing being made, so you want to leap on this as quickly as you can.

The collection includes all of Nihilist’s demos – 1988’s “Premature Autopsy” and 1989’s “Only Shreds Remain” and “Drowned” – as well as a bonus 7-inch of the first Entombed demo. That’s a pretty damn thorough document, and if you’re a fan of these Stockholm-based bands, this will seriously fill out your record pile. The package comes as an attractive double gatefold album, with a mounted 7-inch pocket, and the liner notes contain words from members of bands such as Autopsy, Asphyx, Arch Enemy, At the Gates and Dismember. The package will run you $20 plus shipping (and having ordered from them in the past, they do an incredible job ensuring the thing will reach you safe and sound), and the label expects they won’t have copies of this for very long.

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We tried to find a non-middle-finger photo of Craft. We failed.

If the state of the world’s economy (especially the one here in the States) isn’t enough to put a chill in your blood, there’s always black metal cult Craft to get the job done. They made a huge impact with their last album, 2005’s “Fuck the Universe,” and their latest record “Void” just saw the light of day on Carnal Records. If you live in the U.S., you can only get the thing on import, unless you can wait until Sept.27 when Southern Lord gives the record a proper North American release. As terrifying as some of the music SL’s put out in the past, this is a true contender for their most devastating, horrific band.

The Swedish band started out as Nocta in the mid-1990s, but eventually they morphed into Craft and released their first demo “Total Eclipse” in 1999. But an eclipse apparently wasn’t going far enough into the darkness, as they dubbed their first full-length “Total Soul Rape,” and followed that up two years later with “Terror Propaganda.” “Fuck the Universe,” also released domestically by Southern Lord, really what seemed to make Craft’s mark on the metal world, and after a six-year layoff, they’ll conjure their magic once again. The band’s sound is filthy and violent, and as fear-inducing as their music can be, you’d be hard pressed to deny it also isn’t impossibly catchy in spots. I say that especially regarding the limited clips I’ve heard of the new material. The record is not available for pre-order as of yet, although when it is, we’ll be sure to let you know. Or you can frequent the link we gave you for the Nihilist release, and eventually it’ll be there in the store in all of its hellish glory.

Track listing for “Void” is:

1. Intro (John’s Nightmare)

2. Serpent Soul

3. Come Resonance Of Doom

4. The Ground Surrenders

5. Succumb To Sin

6. Leaving The Corporal Shade

7. Want To Commit Murder

8. Bring On The Clouds

9. Void

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