Finland keeps pumping out bloody death with Krypts’ ‘Unending Degradation’

krypts band
It was several weeks ago that we were talking about the healthy Finnish death metal scene and about how it was regurgitating quality bands that were re-establishing the underground in that country and allowing us to remove the words “Children of Bodom” from our vocabulary when it comes to discussing metal from that land.

As if we didn’t have enough already with new platters from Maveth, Desolate Shrine, and  Vorum, and the upcoming release form occult-friendly Lantern, we now have a mighty new offering from death unit Krypts, who, as you might imagine, keep things deadly and graveyard-ready. Oh, another thing all of these bands have in common other than their homeland is they all have been released by Dark Descent, who are becoming for Finnish metal what Southern Lord has become for crust and hardcore. They have a knack for drawing out the best from this region, and if you liked the aforementioned bands whose releases have been charring our minds here at Meat Mead Metal, Krypts are likely to hit the right spot as well.

krypts coverKrypts were born into the world back in 2008, and since then they have offered up a demo, a 2011 self-titled EP, and now their debut full-length effort “Unending Degradation.” The band’s members have experience plying their trade with other groups such as The Beheading, Self-Hate, and Infernal Suicide, with Antti Kotiranta handling bass and vocals, Ville Snicker leading the guitar work, and drummer Otso Ukkonen (who also did some guitar playing on the album) rounding out the current lineup. The band hits it right on their first album, not doing too much and not overstuffing this thing, as “Unending Degradation” contains eight tracks that clock in at about 38 minutes. That’s just right, as they pummel you and show you what they can do on this collection, but they don’t draw out the proceedings. They leave you wanting more.

Before they get into the full array of madness, they let you slip in with “Perpetual Beyond,” a mesmerizing introductory cut that paves the way for “Blessed Entwinement,” a grindy, doom/death hybrid that is monstrous and hungry but also has a fiery groove that settles in. “Open the Crypt” is just the type of song you’d expect from a band this ensconced in decay. Kotiranta lurches and growls on this one, like his guts are getting ready to spew from his mouth, and the rest is built on thrashy pockets and outright violence. “Dormancy of the Ancient Ones” is sludgy and mucky in appearance, and it ramps up its intensity as it goes. The guitars progress to a fevered wail, and military-style drumming gives the impression of marching one by one into the underworld.

“Inhale…” picks up on the already established pile of carnage, with a slow-driving pace, infernal growls, and a melody that eventually washes out into doomy glaze. “The Black Smoke” has a punchier groove, with vocals that amplify the aggression, and a delivery that is short and to the point. “Day of Reckoning” has its somber, woeful moments before speed kicks in, the drums are lathered into near blasts, and searing soloing reminiscent of Slayer blows into the picture. Closer “Beneath the Archaic” absolutely slithers, taking its time to infect you with grisly growls, spacious drone, and a pace that feels like your face is being dragged across cement, with no hint of mercy in the near future.

So once again, Dark Descent manages to pluck a promising new Finnish death metal band and toss it in our laps, still fresh with bloody wounds. Krypts might be best embraced in the autumn, when everything around you is dying and decaying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fully take on this stench in the spring, when you get sick of looking at pastel colors and people dressed like assholes. This is a hellacious band that does not have your well-being in mind.

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