PICK OF THE WEEK: Hell returns as Gnaw Their Tongues deliver scary ‘Abyss of Longing Throats’

Gnaw Their TonguesI’m not asking you to understand what we’re talking about today. We’re going throat deep into a cesspool of depravity, torture, and psychological torment. We’re not talking metal so much today as we are discussing complete physical and mental destruction. Riffs won’t be here, nor will power and glory. But blood and pain definitely will be present.

It’s been three years since we got a new full-length from Dutch abomination Gnaw Their Tongues, the work of artist Mories, who also has a host of other projects swirling out there in the worst sections of hell. But it is here, with Gnaw Their Tongues, that he gained his notoriety, terrifying unsuspecting audiences and causing faces to go deathly white over his monstrous black metal/noise/industrial creations. You want to air-guitar some shit in your car? This is the wrong place. You want something to make you feel alive inside? Again, you’ve guessed wrong. But if you want to wallow in filth, confront the most perverse thoughts and feelings that ever have crossed your mind, and yes, feel a great deal of pain, you’ll get all of that on Gnaw Their Tongues’ eighth full-length “Abyss of Longing Throats.”

Gnaw Their Tongues coverThis is one of those projects where it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the immense body of work. A flurry of splits, a ton of EPs, a recent comprehensive collection, and seven other full records, the last being 2012’s “Eschatological Scatology,” make up Mories’ work here under this banner, and recently he’s even taken Gnaw Their Tongues from a studio-only project to live performances. As time has gone on, this project has only grown more savage and deranged. You have to be the right type of person to wrap your head around this, and you have to be prepared to be terrified and baffled. Over the course of seven tracks, Mories digs out the worst, most profane of humankind and spreads all over his work, lets it rot in the sun to stink, and forces you to confront what’s left.

“Lick the Poison From the Cave Walls” can be a wake-up call from title alone for anyone who stumbles upon this record without prior experience, and it is built with a noise haze, riveting beats and banging, and menacing howls that haunt. Twisted wails turn into whispers, while bells chime and suffocating sounds swamp. Synth hisses lead to a funereal ending, and that spills into “Through Flesh” and its terrifying growls and fierce strings. The growls crawl and gurgle, with orchestral sheets pelting and thick sounds bubbling to the surface. The title cut blows open immediately, smashing and horrifying the senses but then blending into murky and dark melodies. The track halts, switching tempos and leading into a passage where a female voice calls out Bible passages, and from there the blood flows again and delivers solemn madness. “From the Black Mouth of Spite” has noise spitting, doomy fog arriving, pained cries, and the feeling like what you’re hearing is emanating from puddles in a torture basement. Weird singing sprawls over the calmer portions of the song, while the final moments are dramatic and grind to an abrupt halt.

“The Holy Body” has sore moans that lead into slow-driving menace, with a dark, moody section arising and the vocals absolutely wrenching. The sounds simmer and burn, while the ghostly expressions that float over fade into bizarre fogs. “And They Will Be Cast Out Into Utter Darkness” buzzes and whirs from the start, making you feel a relentless vertigo that has you trying, and failing, to steady yourself against the wall. Noise wafts and gets ripped apart, while maniacal vocals drive you right to the heart of a vortex. Closer “Up Into the Heavens Down Into the Circles Of…” ends this morose document with keys dripping like spit and blood and vocals that sound painful to emit. Parts of this gets washed out, like a dream you’re watching through glazed eyes, and when the elegant synth breezes in, it’s a mere blip of calm before hell bursts through the Earth’s crust again and sucks you into its tornadic fury, never to be heard from again.

Gnaw Their Tongues likely never will leave the dark, terrible corner it inhabits simply because full-spread acceptance seems like such an absurd thought. Yet, the way society has devolved and the way humankind disregards each other, perhaps something like “Abyss of Longing Throats” should be something we should confront. Our world is as ugly and sickening as these songs, and maybe we’d be better off staring that in the bloody face now and again.

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