Meat Mead Metal Premiere: First taste of Twilight Fauna’s rustic new journey ‘Falling Portraits’

twilight-faunaSo, we don’t do a ton of song premieres around here. There’s no big reason for that. But we certainly pick and choose what we want to do, and when the time’s right, we’re always happy to do a track debut.

We’ve been big fans of Twilight Fauna for a long time now. It’s the project long helmed by Ravenwood, who handles just about every element of what’s going on here. He’s always brought a woodsy, rustic approach to his melodic and atmospheric black metal, and the new Twilight Fauna record “The Year the Stars Fall” is an incredible document that grips from the start and doesn’t let go until the album subsides six tracks later. He’s joined on the record by drummer Josh Thieler (of Pittsburgh maulers Slaves BC), and the two converged to record what you’re hearing toward the end of 2016.

Today, we bring to you “Falling Portraits,” the second cut on the album and one that has a thunderous, inky start that keeps the cut bleeding and blowing fire before we head into banjo-led, whistle-laced, acoustic-fueled passages later on. We don’t want to tell you everything, though. Check out the link below to the Meat Mead Metal Soundcloud page to hear this amazing song for yourself. Prepare to take an enthralling journey into the woods and toward the stars.

Twilight Fauna release “The Year the Stars Fell” March 24. The vinyl release is limited to 150 copies—100 of which are on translucent sky blue, 50 are on blue with customized black splatter pattern made specifically for this release. The album comes in a full color jacket with double-sided insert. Random pre-orders will also include a small jar of meteorite dust. See links below to order.

For more on the band, go here:

To buy the album, go here:

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