PICK OF THE WEEK: Triumvir Foul smear filth, rotten death chaos on violent ‘Spiritual Bloodshed’

Putrid, unforgiving death metal can roll around in the hell and filth and sound all the better. What other form of music that’s not in the metallic regions can you honestly say that about? Digging into something that revels in all the worst society must offer and practically quivering with glee in its immersion in that territory surely may offend some, yet not those of us who dine on death.

Triumvir Foul have been one of death metal’s true revelations the past few years. The band’s self-titled 2015 debut was one of the best records of that year, an offering that wasn’t afraid to rub its audiences faces in the filth. Now comes their blistering second record “Spiritual Bloodshed” that tells you what you need to know before you hit play. Yet, once inside, you’re met face first with vile, heathenistic blasts that aim to rip you apart, limb from limb. The eight tracks that run over an ideally served 38 minutes are devastating and filthy, making your ears and your senses gush with blood. Yet, the band’s true sense of death metal debauchery will prevent you from feeling too bad about the pain you’re in as this record delivers repeatedly. Triumvir Foul have trimmed itself down to its primary two members vocalist/guitarist Ad Infinitum and drummer Cedentibus (both also play together in Ash Borer, Urzeit, and Serum Dreg), and, as a unit, they lay out a scorched-earth policy that destroys lives.

“Asphyxiation” starts the record, and it’s ideally titled, because that is what it feels like you’re going through for the most part. Noise builds, crushing your chest, before the first wild cries emerge, and madness erupts. The tempo is torn to shreds, while the guitars mangle your ear drums, and furious growls tumble with total demolition. “Serpentine Seed” has guitars blaring again, almost as if they’re physically trying to catch fire, while the playing destroys. Animalistic savagery lays waste to everything in front of it, but then the pace pulls back and gets muddy and drubbing. Everything explodes again in the final minutes, as the soloing scorches, and noise spirals out. “Entranced By Filth” is led in by drums that sound like they’re in the midst of war and music that brings raucous terror. The track completely blinds, clobbering your senses, before everything disappears in smoke. “Tyrannical Chains of Flesh” arrives with smothering heaviness and a huge serving of grime. The guitars cut through and annihilate over the choruses, while the riffs make it feel like the room is spinning out of control. The soloing then sprawls dangerously, charging into a noise-infested end.

“Disembowelment Pneuma” has noise spreading like plague and the track heading into a thrashy vortex. The cut is crunchy and violent, with gruff growls and a full serving of menace. “Vomitous Worship in Rotten Tombs” bathes in a feedback swarm before the band lets loose an ugly, damaging assault. The vocals are maniacal, while the strings are scraped, and soloing hits full blazing. Nastiness and destructive playing meet toward the end of the cut, as the track sizzles, giving off steam, and heads into the title track. There, punishing riffs begin to truck, while the pace continually ramps up and sends the song into a tornadic freak out. The vocals slice through bones, with the track ending up quaking and convulsing violently. Closer “Vrasubatlatian Rites” runs a devastating 7:20 and uses every second to squeeze and grind away. The riffs are heavy as fuck, often teasing consummation by fire, but then things settle into a calculated pace. That leads into rhythmic thrashing and a display that, while not as speedy, still leaves gaping wounds. But you know before they’re done they’re coming at you with sharpened teeth, and they do in the final minutes with a massive surge that leaves no bodies unmarked as the song disappears into a sound storm.

Triumvir Foul are only at the beginning of their hellish existence, and two records in, they’re one of the bands keeping their teeth firmly gnawing at the roots. “Spiritual Bloodshed” is manic and violent, and each drip of this record is full of noxious poison and ill intent. The torture and disgust you will face will be worth it long after the record has expired, just because what you have here is so scorching and devastating.

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