PICK OF THE WEEK: Witch Vomit’s disgusting, violent death metal scars minds on ‘Poisoned Blood’

We’ve said many times in the past that we expect death metal to be ugly, disgusting, and violent, something we don’t want to face with our open eyes but do anyway out of morbid fascination. Well, there are few things as gross to me as regurgitation, and though I detest it, I don’t mind when death metal that’s destroying my moral compass is immersed in the stuff. Which makes today such a wonderful, joyous occasion.

There’s not a ton of wondering what the band Witch Vomit brings to the table as far as disgusting death metal goes. The Portland, Ore., crushers have been turning stomachs now for several years, with last year’s “A Scream From the Tomb Below” registering as their first full-length. Now they’re back with a mini-LP “Poisoned Blood” that spreads horrifying sentiment and true death guts and blood over five tracks and about 19 minutes. It’s skull-crushing stuff, truly satisfying death metal that makes no bones about being as ugly and socially unacceptable as possible and just gets down to the blood and innards. The band—guitarist/vocalist T.T. (Dagger Lust, Torture Rack, and a live member of Triumvir Foul), bassist V.V. (Brain Rot, Miserable), and drummer Jason (also of Torture Rack)—rumble and frighten over these nightmarish pieces that have no concern for who they chew up and spit out along their puss-drenched path.

A brief intro signals the start of this thing, with eerie noises and lightning like out of an old horror movie striking the ground. The song then rips open and gets the momentum going, as everything builds up for “Doomed in the Realm of the Dead.” There, crushing death meets you at the gate, as huge growls and maniacal laughs jar and seemingly try to add insult to injury. The band hits a nasty groove, while guitars just go off, and the cut exacts maximum violence. The pace hammers viciously, as massive growls and meaty thrashing drag this thing to its smothering end.

“Circle of Blood” has drums crushing and cavernous growls injecting a deeper sense of horror. Ugly, mucky stomping rages, while death trudging causes deep bruising. The guitars lose control and deliver blinding fury, creating a nasty, brutal display. Things then slow down, as everything drives hard and heavy, with things coming to a brutal finish complete with weird percussion. “Accursed Temple of the Great Deceiver” starts with drums spiraling open, as crushing riffs deliver total demolition, and deep growls rumble and spit blood. Strong playing and nasty wails blow everything to dust, as the pace completely slaughters. Ravaging and malevolent guitars slash flesh before the thing momentarily halts. Aggressive drums kick back in, thrashing all over, bringing the cut to a dashing finish. Closer “Fevers of Torment” serves mauling riffs, as a slow-driving tempo arrives, and guitars run out of control. Wild wailing begins, as the tempo speeds along, gross growls erupt, and the playing lights the track on fire. Soloing lets loose and strangles before spiraling into madness, as the band keeps laying waste. Thick bass spreads tar, driving the track to its bizarre finish that sounds like a monster has been set free in a desert village.

Witch Vomit isn’t something you’d want to step in as you scurry through the woods, but it is a band that will give you a death metal experience that will leave you shattered. “Poisoned Blood” is a strong stop-gap between records that unleashes hell and scars lives in a very short matter of time. Their world may not be terribly inviting for the uninhibited, but for those who want their death metal as stench-filled as possible, you’ll be hard pressed to find any reason to complain.

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