False unleash ‘Hunger’ EP that dices up their black metal epics but still remains awfully scary

It’s very rare that we devote a single entry to a 7” release. Not that we don’t find them worthy (though my 7-inchers often tend to be neglected in favor of full-lengths, because I’m a terrible person), but usually we like to get a bunch of them to display for you at once. It’s more economical or something?

But most bands aren’t in the league of Minnesota-based black metal squadron False, and our affection for them probably is borderline disgusting. Oh well. Get your own site. Anyway, the band is back with their two-track “Hunger” EP that is being presented by Gilead Media on 7” vinyl and digital, and it’s a curveball for those who have followed this band over the past decade. Typically, False songs are marathons, often hitting the 12-to-15-minute mark. They never fail to present compelling scenes either, with thunder-storming playing, break-neck curves, and utterly terrifying vocals. But this time, the band decided to pull back and try their hands at shorter cuts. These two songs combined are shorter than every selection on their untitled debut record, so that’s a pretty remarkable change. It turns out the band has a stranglehold on these lengths of songs as well, as this EP is devastating and panic-inducing, just in smaller doses. They sound as bloodthirsty and powerful as ever, and they can add these cuts to their unstoppable live set in between their normally time-challenging monsters.

“Anhedonia” has a murky start, with the synth crawling over black metal tentacles, and then the punishment begins in full. Rachel’s harrowing vocals, some of the scariest in the business, begin rolling out, meandering on purpose like a sickened animal out of control. Mournful melodies sneak under the darkness, giving the music a sort of ghostly feel, but then the carnage renews. The vocals pierce the flesh, while the intensity picks up, the guitar work shreds, and the song comes to an abrupt end. The title track storms hard from the start, with glacial keys that remind of Emperor’s frigidity that spill and ice over. Rachel’s snarls gasp over the guitar work, which smothers and crushes, and the band finds a raucous energy that sends fire-spreading sparks. The assault continues to surge, while the guitars loop and strangle, the drums are set to pulverize, and the throat-gnashing vocals dig away at fresh wounds, continuing until the pain finally fades away.

False remain one of the States’ (fuck it, the world’s) best, most refreshing black metal bands, and “Hunger” adds a deadly new aspect to their game. One must wonder if their following full-lengths also will contain shorter blasts like these, or if they’ll lean back on their epic approach. Either way, their future music is bound to be as combustible and punishing as ever, and “Hunger” has added sharp new tools to their repertoire.

To buy the album, go here: https://gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/

For more on the label, go here: http://www.gileadmedia.net