Retooled Lifetime Shitlist bring thrashy hardcore assault with aggravated new EP ‘Slow March’

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Feeling miserable has become a theme as of late. Things feel like they’re on a malaise autopilot as the news keeps getting worse, and the worst people of all time continue to rear their disgusting little heads. Has there ever been a better time for angry music that hits the nail right on its rusty head?

So, it’s a perfect opening for new music from Baltimore hardcore/thrash unit Lifetime Shitlist, and they’re back with their pummeling new EP “Slow March.” From the grim cover art to the songs that greet you on this seven-track basher, you can feel their frustration and nausea as well, and they make for good company during these lousy times. Ever since their last release “Pneumaticon,” Lifetime Shitlist have retooled their lineup, adding a second guitarist Corey Fleming and replacing Dave Pennington on vocals with the mighty Ned Westrick. Guitarist Matt Crocco, bassist Ryan Larkin, and drummer Bryan Glaeser remain the round out what’s now a more formidable version of the band, one that sounds like it’s ready to spread its mission to even more people.

“Cabal” tears the lid off the record as noise waves pave the path for chunky guitar chugs and disorienting melodies before the tempo starts to destroy, and gruff wails from Westrick settle into the mix. The track is crunchy and mean, with the band mixing thrash and hardcore seamlessly, and a final dose of sound slips over a diatribe about domestic counterterror policies. “Beach of Death” bashes its way open, with gruff vocals and thickening guitars threatening. Menacing shouts and a bludgeoning pace leaves everything in the dust. “Infestation” has thick basslines and riffs chewing at raw meat, while Westrick howls about removing one’s head from the sand and taking up torches. Southern-style guitars thicken the soloing, while Westrick howls about being “alive for the very first time.”

“Death Rattle” begins with guitars that give off a rad ’80s vibe, only to have thrashy riffs punch gigantic holes in the wall and barge into the scene. Some wah pedal damage curves the melodies, and then the guitars take on a thick, smoky stoner vibe. For the back end of the song, the band goes back to bristling crunching, doing some miserable bruising. “Heavy Gravitation” is fast, grimy, and gruff, with the guitar work turning everything to splinters, and the band splattering chaos. “Slow March” is calculated and rough, with barked vocals and cold harshness. As the story goes on, the heaviness continues to multiply, and the track has a fiery finish. “God of Storms” brings the record to an end, as bass and guitars circle and clash, and a nasty hardcore vibe is achieved. The low end is forceful and devastating, while the roars are menacing, and the song has an unforgiving end.

Lifetime Shitlist are compiling an impressive resume over their relatively short run together, and “Slow March” is a collection showing a band that is realizing its powers. These songs are urgent, angry, and volatile, and this is one record where fans of metallic and hardcore circles should be able to come together for a bloody night. This is heavy, violent stuff, and it’ll leave you good and maimed.

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