Mysterious Swiss project DSKNT brings noise, nightmarish blaze to first effort ‘PhSPHR Entropy’

Black metal is meant to be chaotic and immersed in everlasting darkness. Not that it can’t be played in different ways (clearly it already has been), but the more morbid and terrifying it is translated, the more it feels like it feeds from the roots of the music’s origins. If you feel like your soul has been devoured when it’s all over, you know it’s been done right.

There’s a mysterious force from Switzerland that has thrown a bloodied cleaver into the ring in the form of DSKNT, a one-man unit shrouded in mystery that has a devastating debut collection ready for consumption after the first crack of December. “PhSPHR Entropy” is a six-track demolition that stands as this project’s first messages to the rest of the world. This band exists under the DSKNT Industry banner, a place where a myriad of projects and music is housed under a single, terrifying roof. You can read more about that on your own, as we don’t really have time to parse it out here, so let’s concentrate on what this scary production has to offer. The music is penetrating and heavy as hell, and twisted into the DNA are bizarre bursts of noise that increase the danger and psychological scarring. It’s a record that is best taken on in a single, brutal sitting, where each inch of these songs can infect your bloodstream.

“Exhaling Dust” tears open the record as deep death growls rupture under the surface, and a sprawling, strange tempo sets up and lasts pretty much unchanged over the body of this 8:24 smasher. A dizzying fog enters and causes disorientation, while the track crushes in place, burns off all the leftover fuel, and slips into oblivion. “S.O.P.O.R.” also ignites right away, as harsh growls mix with heavy-duty thrashing that will do damage simply by coming out of your headphones. Darkness continues to unfurl like a permanent nighttime, as the pace slows a bit and lets doom sink in, and the vocals scrape the already damaged flesh. A weird soundscape spills as the drums devastate, wild cries and gurgles blend, and the song heads into a cloud of interference and madness that rolls into “Kr. Vy. Rites,” a short instrumental that opens the door to a different type of nightmare, one that comes to full fruition a few minutes later.

“Kr. Vy. Portals” is the second leg of that terror, as monstrous growls and a painfully slow-mauling pace sets up shop and begins burying bodies. The beastly menace lasts from the first to last second, as the guitars chew big, bloody holes, the assault keeps uncoiling and striking, and the whole thing disappears into space. “Resurgence of Primordial Void Aperture” has smashing chugging at the front end, a stretch that, arguably, is the heaviest portion of the record. From there, hissed growls mix with vicious terror, as the punishing pace looks to squeeze the life from your lungs. The guitars set up and dig out mounds of flesh, while the growls get uglier and deadlier, and the track dissolves into a noise bath that sizzles and shocks the senses. The title track closes the affair, a 9:32-long song that starts suddenly and turns your skull to powder. The music penetrates and brings on panic before a calm approaches, hinting to things changing. Out of that, demonic howls and sharp riffs cut through again, as the track burns out on misery-inducing growls and a tidal wave of black static.

This vicious, mysterious record contains a ton of intrigue and several sub-levels of danger. DSKNT manages to make this style of music even blacker, and “PhSPHR Entropy” contains so many layers, that there may not be a way to fully understand everything going on with these songs, even if you had years. This is a charred, warped album, one that will slice you open and fill you with infection.

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