Death punishers Genocide Pact keep things consistent, painful on crushing ‘Order of Torment’

Escape music is pretty much a total necessity these days. If you visit this site with any regularity, you’ve already seen my rants about not being able to watch the news without me wanting to drive my car into a nuclear power plant. Even I’m tired of it. So, delving into music that can make a difference in taking my mind out of this hell and into another version is much welcomed.

It is with that thought that we jump head-first into “Order of Torment,” the second full-length release from D.C.-based death unit Genocide Pact, which is one hell of a bastard. Over eight tracks and nearly 40 minutes, this band—guitarist/vocalist Tim, bassist Nolan, and drummer Connor—rips out classic death metal that is no frills, not particularly fancy, and certainly not looking to reinvent the wheel. And why should they? This band is a demolition that grinds away at you slowly, but surely. You’re not in for a science experiment or a trip into deep space, but there are enough bands doing that right now. This is a serving of the good stuff: meat-and-potatoes death metal that tastes great, fills you up, and hits all the right spots you need to walk away satisfied. Who could complain?

“Conquered” gets us started, as noise hangs over everything, and then guitars start to chug. Guttural growls strike, while the band hits a slow, doomy pace, and the track ends on a gruff assault. “Decimation Grid” has thick sludging before things open fully and punish, and Tim’s vocals strangle you. The band mashes you before we’re back to filth, and the final minutes go on a calculated assault. “Spawn of Suffering” starts with an ominous riff, as the band bashes hard, and the growls choke out all the light. The band then mauls you with intent, sprawling into “Pain Reprisal,” which starts with slow-driving death. The riffs coil, while the growls boil, and then the pain slithers and leaves behind a blood trail. Soloing burns hard, and then the song bleeds away.

“Ascendancy Resolved” has a different vibe, as we’re down a path that feels carved by bands such as High on Fire, as gross growls spill out. Humid guitars lead the way, with nasty growls penetrating, guitars building a noise wall, and everything catching fire. “Structural Dissolution” rips apart, with destruction leading the way and mucky growls drowning your senses. Blistering crushing draws blood, as the song rages hard before an abrupt finish. “Authoritarian Impulse” is slow driving and deadly at first before the song kicks into gear. A smothering fury comes out of that as guitars wail and fizzle, with the song bleeding into the void. “Blood Rejection” is your finisher, starting with clobbering ugliness and grim growls before we work into thrashy madness. Disgusting growls mix with ugly punishment, and then we head into a relentless assault that keeps things going until the track fades away.

Genocide Pact deliver a swift, stern beating on “Order of Torment,” their first for Relapse after spending time with the powerful A389 label. Here, they deliver a strong, reliable dose of death metal that helps you retreat from the everyday shit and instead get your ass kicked by something that won’t make you feel violated. There is something to be said for consistency, and so far, Genocide Pact have delivered just that.

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