One-man mauler Misrule put all frustration into virulent, nasty initial release ‘Forced to Suffer’

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast week. Monday is a fine time to feel utterly miserable because most of us have to head back to the grind after a weekend that went too fast, while others aren’t even that lucky. They never get a chance to truly breathe. The music we discuss today definitely is for you.

Misrule is a one-man project of one S. Mahoney that stands as a vessel for him to expunge all his personal frustrations and anger into his music. “Forced to Suffer” is his first release, a savage five-song demo that’ll take you no time at all to absorb, yet once you get to the end, you might feel like you were in a 15-round heavyweight fight. Many people use music for many things, not all of it negative, but what Misrule unleash here is nothing short of virulent. There is no way to walk away from this music feeling uplifted, unless you have as fetish for tragedy. And if you do, we welcome and embrace you. Mahoney’s chaotic power and death-style grind bring misery and panic, and even though it’s just five tracks, it’s easy to lose track of where you are because they blow by like a storm.

The title track is up first and brings utter demolition, with gurgling vocals, feedback shocking your ear drums, and the track thrashing wildly as you gasp for breath. “Led to the Grave” is the epic of the bunch, clocking in at 2:13 and bringing blistering fury. Mahoney pushes into slow-driving pain, as the vocals attack, misery-inducing slaughter follows, and the track blasts out. “Death Embrace Me” delivers disgusting filth and fire, with the music crunching away at psychosis and wellness, the drums blistering, and noise spreading pestilence. “Bleed” is the shortest track at 41 seconds, and from the start, the pace is machine-gun volatile. Absolute destruction meets you, with the vocals peeling paint, and the track burning you alive. Finisher “Maggot” is a mashing assault, with pure vitriol flooding your lungs, and smothering punishment clogging your pores. There is no mercy to be had, with the track’s fade-out being the only hint of solace you’ll find.

Shit isn’t always good, and there’s nothing wrong with embracing and exploring that. Misrule is an ideal path for to take if you want to drink in your own woe and fucking own it, and “Forced to Suffer” can be your soundtrack. What are all those permanently happy people so thrilled about? Misrule certainly doesn’t identify with them, and perhaps those super-positive liars could learn a lesson from all this pain.

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