Meat Mead Metal: Best of July

Holy hell, July. You were a good month. We had a ton of great music, and one of the leading contenders for album of the year came from this month. We also had Migration Fest in Pittsburgh, a place where I left a part of me. I know that sounds weird. Last time I said something like that, I was called a ton of names that are supposed to insult our fucking awesome gay friends and people who fight to ensure that social parameters are equal for all. If you’re one of those, bring your shit, coward. Those words are badges of honor for me.

OK, so all that aside, we have a mix from July. I don’t want these to be mammoths, so I left a few things off, but everything here has been in constant rotation around here. And look, Spotify is a cool tool and all, but if you like any of this, toss the bands some money and buy the real product, because the artists get nothing from these listens. There are few things that feel as good as holding someone’s hard-earned art in your hands. It means something to them, and hopefully holding a record or CD (you can’t hold a Bandcamp download, but that feels fine, too) is not replaceable at all. Thanks for listening and reading. Your support means the world to me. Keep supporting the great folks who keep us writing.

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