Blood Spore imagine hellacious tendril invasion to maul us on ‘Fungal Warfare Upon All Life’

Let’s face what has become pretty obvious: We’re kind of fucked. Sure, there is time to reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet and ensure there’s a healthy future beyond our own life cycles, but have you met some of the people in charge of making decisions for us? You think those criminally corrupt wastes of existence are going to save the day?

So, what is the answer to saving this place? Maybe it’s not humanity. Perhaps it’s not about saving anything, Maybe it’s an alien lifeform looking from beyond, seeing fertile ground, and realizing the opportunities locked within if only we weren’t here recklessly destroying shit. That’s a premise of “Fungal Warfare Upon All Life,” the nasty debut EP from Philly maulers Blood Spore. They imagine a fleet of, in their words, “poisonous tendrils dripping with infected blood” that arrive here to do battle for our home planet. Shit’s not looking good for us, by the way. The band—bassist/vocalist Christopher Emerson, guitarists Luke Gary and Kylar Bartee, and drummer Fred Grabosky—released this music on their own last year, but Blood Harvest swooped in and are releasing this beast on cassette, CD, and vinyl, bringing this hideous mission to more folks hungry to hear about our gory demise.

“Hostile Fruiting Bodies” begins with slowly trudging death and gruesome vocals, making for a furious display. Burly and punchy, the riffs chew into your sides, the bass unloads, and the leads smear blood over everything on front of it. Ugly growls send some final shrapnel, as the song ends in abrupt grossness. “Code to the Saprophyte” has guitars emerging and stinging, as hypnotic waves explode and cloud your brain with storms. The track slowly pulverizes, entering sludgy waters and bringing with it ugliness and hellish torment. Their mauling then is ramped up further, destroying what it can get its proverbial hands on as the growls corrode bones. The leads ignite flames, while the track blends out into echoing insanity. Closer “Apex Colony” stomp and tears itself apart with the riffs crushing and the growls splattering. The playing is utterly devastating as the earth’s new overlords land with noise hanging overhead and a humid assault clouding your senses. The leads twist into smashing chaos as soot engulfs the lungs, while the growls peels back the flesh. Doomy guitars emerge and darken skies, blending into an ambient haze eventually swallowed for good by alien tides.

The way we treat our home planet, we really don’t deserve it, and if there’s a group of outside beings with their sights on our world who plan to treat it better, could you blame them for trying? Blood Spore’s story might be fictional in theory, but who’s to know if we aren’t being watched by some other group who see this place’s possibilities as ripe with only us in the way? “Fungal Warfare Upon All Life” could be the first shots in that battle, and when it’s over, humankind might be the ones on the outside looking in on a place we never really appreciated.

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