PICK OF THE WEEK: Necrot’s death remains at a top level on brutal, devastating offering ‘Mortals’

Photo by Chris Johnston

Death metal is an ever-changing world, like so many of metal’s many sub-genres, and you can’t really predict how things are going to look and sound in a few years due to rapid-fire innovations among the people who play it. That said, it’s still just as satisfying to sit down with a tried-and-true death metal record that’s not trying to be anything but a piledriver to the cement.

That brings us to Necrot, the Bay Area death squad whose second record “Mortal” is one of the year’s most anticipated releases, one that might have gotten to us a little sooner had it not be for the goddamn COVID. Following up their killer debut full-length offering “Blood Offerings” comes this seven-track, 38-minute pounder that is right in the same wheelhouse as that 2017 album but a little bloodier and a lot more morbid. After all, these guys—vocalist/bassist Luca Indrio, guitarist Sonny Reinhardt, drummer Chad Gailey—spent some time reflecting on our wrecked society, our role is making it that way, and the realities of everyone’s demise when putting together these songs, and the result is a record that was worth all the nervous pace and nail chewing for its arrival, because it delivers everything and more.

“Your Hell” churn open and begins pounding away heavily, as Indrio’s growl’s open lacerations, and the drums mash your life into pieces. “I bring death,” Indrio wails, “my hate to you, my hell will be yours,” as filth wells up. The band hits its high spots, delivering a rowdy pace, guitars burning, and a finish that’ll flatten you. “Dying Life” thrashes away as the growls lean in and start bruising, and the guitar work takes off and leads to rapid-fire dizziness. Vicious mauling twists muscles while the riffs hammer away, and the leads erupt in fire. All of that builds its intensity, melting with grim growls to bring about the end. “Stench of Decay” blisters from the start, mangling bodies in its gears as Indrio potentially prophetically growls, “People to be destroyed, future to be erased, no one will see the end of the war against ourselves.” Animalistic rage and deep crushing combine as the soloing heats up, and madness races to each corner before a sudden end.

“Asleep Forever” starts in a vicious spiral as the guitars encircle, and gruff growls up the ante on the sickness. Guitars light up and rip out guts along with the chorus where Indrio howls, “Everything leads to the end when we’ll be asleep forever.” Soloing takes off and quakes the earth before swinging back and delivering the final blows. “Sinister Will” has a killer riff out front that opens wounds while the track trudges hard, and the chorus swelters with fiery guitar work. Soloing arrives and lathers the song in soot while the pace thrashes harder into a calculated, maniacal cycle that ends in chaos. “Malevolent Intentions” lights up, met with bloody growls and a smooshing fury that feels like it’s squashing your guts. The drums are absolutely assaulted as raspy growls hammer home everything. The record ends with the 8:33-long title track that explodes from the gates with riffs menacing and raw growls choking. “Mortal dies, lost, carried away, mortal dies, everything fades away,” Indrio levels over the pummeling chorus, meanwhile, the band feels like it’s trying to rush your own demise. Skulls are bashed, the soloing brings heat that could melt your face, and the track ends in an inferno that swallows you whole.

There’s a reason Necrot have been hailed as one of the best new death metal bands of the past few years—because they’re really fucking good. “Mortal” may only be their second full-length, but they’re already amassing a resume that is to be reckoned with by just about anyone else out there, with this record as a major high point. It’s too bad everything in the world is pretty much shut down right now, because it would be morbidly satisfying to hear these new songs in a live setting, where they could really rip the head off your body.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/cyclesofpain

To buy the album, go here: https://tankcrimes.merchtable.com/?

For more on the label, go here: http://www.tankcrimes.com/

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