Eave’s emotion-rich black metal rushes with energy, rustic jolts on ‘Phantoms Made Permanent’

It’s not terribly far off now, the autumn, and I’m looking forward to long walks in slightly colder weather with music that helps match that environment. Look, I have a nice backlog of records and bands that make the grade when it comes to this type of thing, but it’s always nice to add new and exciting things to the mix.

Bindrune Recordings has a knack for finding records that match their aesthetic, and they’ve nailed that again with Eave, whose new record “Phantoms Made Permanent” comes your way at the start of next month, and it’s definitely something you want to grab if atmospheric black metal with a side of rawness is your thing. In a weird way, Eave fill the gap left by Falls of Rauros, and what’s great is the band is good now, but they also have room to grow into their world. It feels like nature is front and center, the music flows with chaos and energy, and it just impactful rolling over you. The band—vocalist/bassist Brian Tenison, guitarist Gabe Shara, guitarist/keyboard player Ian Stoller, drummer Caleb Porter—makes me excited just based on their music alone, but the vibe here grabs you and owns you, and if you’re into this path, you’ll be infected too.

“A Godless Frame” starts the record by gushing open as the vocals rush, and melodic leads explode. Black metal waves flood the grounds while a raw atmosphere is established, and that settles into a brief calm. That corner stretches into a reignition, hammering away as riffs splatter the ground, while wild roars and the final assault bleed away. “Funereal Burn” opens with guitars jarring hard as wild howls pierce, and fiercely melodic playing dominates the attack. The track wrenches guts and rambles heartily, flush with emotion and fire, rambling toward the gates as it comes to a blinding end. The title track starts with shrieks scraping and spacey guitars glazing, while the washed-out feel gives off the sense of being blissfully detached from your body. As the pace picks up, shrieks peel pain from the walls while melodies continue to amplify, with the pace bruising your ribcage. The shrieks bring another battery of punishment, filling the senses as the back end crushes.

“Gait of the Ghost” starts in a bath of acoustics before the powder keg blows, and the playing mangles the senses. The track travels into a cold echo before the sparks fly again and rip into flesh, blasting back up through the surface. The music cascades and catapults, bashing you over the head as the shrieks return to do damage, the leads smear, and an energetic underbelly gives the song a sweeping end. “Mana Descending” rans down with force, bringing an incredible quaking as the guitars wash down, later melting into serenity. Drums tap as the waters trickle while the playing explodes again, and the end is absolutely pummeling. “Ablaze and Unyielding” lets guitars light up and blind your eyes with its majesty as things turn ugly in a hurry, with the vocals chewing into flesh. Death growls churn as black metal-rich leads destroy as the trail is torched, with smoke rising and choking, stirring with intensity. “Visage” closes the album and leads in with guitars washing the scenery, dizzying and leaving you susceptible to punishment. The track speeds and echoes in spots, slips into calm streams, while acoustic winds gust before the playing erupts a last time. The leads glisten, the thick bass folds in, and everything comes to a raucous, shimmering conclusion.

Eave is another great find for Bindrune, one that seems custom made for their roster and musical and philosophical atmosphere. “Phantoms Made Permanent” is a rich, rewarding listen that shows the band fitting into their authentic and emotional undercurrent, hinting at great promise ahead while building a sturdy foundation with records like these. This is a really strong album that would make for a great companion while taking a long sojourn outdoors in any weather.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/eavemusic/

To buy the album, go here: https://shop.bindrunerecordings.com/

For more on the label, go here: https://bindrunerecordings.com/

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