PICK OF THE WEEK: Swampbeast’s vitriol adds to human decay on debut ‘… Spawned of Seven Heads’

Who could argue humankind is not at its shit worst? Viruses spreading with people refusing to admit they’re real. People in this country buying bullshit from a proven liar and former game show host and storming the Capitol building. The continual failure to treat people as they deserve and try to make things equal and equitable for all. It’s a mess, and it’s not clearing up.

LA-based trio Swampbeast not only is well aware of the chaos swallowing humanity whole, they’ve smashed that into their vicious death grind on their debut album “Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads,” which definitely feels like the world crashing into hell. The band—drummer/vocalist Marecov Mena, guitarist/vocalist Griffin Werk, guitarist Mike Royal—sees the world heading into imminent collapse, and the music on these 11 tracks and 36 minutes is designed to soundtrack that upheaval in as violent and miserable a manner as possible. So, basically, if you’re taking on this record, be prepared for a heavy taste of Armageddon that you may have had a hand in bringing to fruition.

“Orcs Anvil” bludgeons right away as vicious howls rain down, the pace stampedes, and snarling fury meets speed as morbid melodies rip to the end. “The Blind God” scrambles brains right away as growls wrench and the playing splatters before everything just goes off. A cosmic warp strikes as raspy howls pound, and crazed mashing draws blood. “Convulsing in the Shit and Piss of Man” not only is my early contender for song title of the year, but its insane pace immediately goes for your throat. Noise bristles as speeds rushes, growls splinter, and vicious thrashing gets gnarly before grinding out. “1000 Years of Pestilence” brings a slower pace that’s still heavy before menace attacks and the shrieks scrape away while the band hits hard. Beastly growls scrape, a thick muddiness makes breathing difficult, and flesh is carved to the ends. “Trudging Through Oblivion” is a quick burst that’s over before you know what hit you. It brings lightning fury and a hammering assault that’s outright slaughter for almost two minutes.

“The Permanence Of Death” opens into doomy sludge as horrific punishment is dealt, and growls gurgle into bloodshed. Everything burns hard and bright as the playing mashes skulls, and everything fades into hell. “Thy Flesh Sustained” delivers drums that just destroy, a dashing pace, and eventually it turns into calculated thrashing. Guitars hang in the air and bring heat, while the tempo blisters, and oppressive humidity ends everything in hell. “The First Prime Evil” tears right into your rib cage as the drumming pummels, and the vocals feel deadly and raw. The playing is fast and hypnotic, blasting its way into its final resting spot. “Cerebus” lights up as vile growls bubble up like old blood, and heavy pressure eats away at your psyche. Guitars heat up and burn, pounding away and leaving your bones in a pile of dust. “Chasms Encrusted With Malformity” is a quick interlude track that delivers dripping echo and gross chemical bubbling, leading toward closer “Spell of Decay” that feels like it’s simmering in doom soup. The growls then hammer as the tempo lands body blows, the leads sprawl, and everything cuts through to your heart, leaving you heaving on the floor.

Swampbeast pour a ton of heat and violence in your lap on their volatile debut record “Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads,” a record that’ll leave you in unspeakable pain when it’s over. Their combination of death metal and grind rarely relents, pushing you right into the teeth of as table saw before you even have time to beg for mercy. This is 11 doses of pain and power that’ll you’ll still be feeling long after the record ends.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/swampbeastca/

To buy the album, go here: https://translationloss.com/collections/pre-orders

For more on the label, go here: https://translationloss.com/

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