Czechian raiders Mura pummel with dank death, grime on ‘Doom Invocations & Narcotic Rituals’

We’ve likely all had our share of misery and punishment to last us as lifetime, and surely there are a lot of people looking for something to make things feel brighter and more positive. If you’ve come here hoping for that today, I’m afraid I’ve got bad news. Actually, if you did think that, what the hell was going through your mind? When was the last time we said anything positive?

Today we make a visit with Mura, a new death and doom-emblazoned band from the Czech Republic whose first EP “Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals” is getting a cassette release from Caligari Records. The offering is but two tracks, but each of them are epic beasts, battering you for about 20 minutes and raking you over the hot coals of misery. From the moment you open the creaky gate doors on this record, you’re overwhelmed by the stench and the abject heaviness contained within. The band—we don’t have a lineup, but its members play in other groups including the Tower and Sekeromlat—puts you in a stranglehold, weighing you down with their might, cruelly teasing your fragile psyche, and putting you through furnace heat that burns your face.   

“Chambers of Decay” slowly unfurls itself as noise builds, and doomy punches are thrown with cement fists. Growls scrape as the filth thickens, and the riffs cut through the center, adding to the misery. The drums come to life as the rhythmic low end batters as the growls get ever deeper. The track slowly boils in blood as your psyche is massacred, warping your brain, while the back end of the track corrodes and returns to dust. “Pest Possession” ends the proceedings by delivering strong riffs and doom madness, clobbering every step of the way. The pain spreads as the growls gnaw on open wounds, continuing to punish and thrash. The leads give off a toxic glimmer as everything comes unglued, punishing blindly, burning in noise, and sizzling out.

Mura’s horrific death and doom feels like it eats away at your chest and aims to infect your blood on “Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals,” their pummeling first EP. While only two tracks, it’s still nearly 20 minutes of mangling violence that tests your limits of how much punishment you can handle. These Czechs have a penchant for strangling you with your own misery, and I can only imagine how devastating this band will be once they tackle a full-length attack.

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