Metal roundup: Cormorant, Candlelight reissues, Landmine Marathon

It’s been a busy week at the homefront this week. Lots of vegetation to cut back, helping a family member get some work in order. I’ve hardly been able to pay attention to what’s going on in the metal world this week (though I did get a chance to absorb new records from Whitehorse and Caina all the while, and we’ll get to those next week), so here are some interesting things that dropped this week that might excite you as well.

Also, make sure you come back Monday for a look at some new efforts from Parasitic Records, a label that certainly deserves to get added attention because their stuff is more than stellar and the two records I’ll discuss have been in heavy rotation in my home. So be sure to stop back.



Cormorant are an interesting band, and their style is kind of hard to explain. There is some black metal, some doom, some progressive dashes, and even some power. Their 2009 record “Metazoa” is one that flew under a lot of radars but was one I always really enjoyed and went back to from time to time since it was released. Something about them also felt a bit Medieval to me, like you could imagine the music playing over swords clashing, chainmail being struck, and blood surging from open chest wounds. The music could be both savage and soaring, and maybe my castle dreams are stupid and unfounded, but whatever. That’s what I always think about when hearing “Metazoa.”

Now the band is back with their new effort “Dwellings,” which is scheduled for a fall release, and from just an initial listen, it’s a little thornier and heavier, and it should make for fine listening once it gets a little bit colder outside. The band self-financed the album and recorded straight to analog with producer Justin Weiss, who worked with notable bands such as Agalloch, Hammers of Misfortune, the recently disbanded Ludicra, and plenty of others. It’s going to be one you’ll certainly want to get your hands on if you like things organic and true, and anyone who was into “Metazoa” should be intrigued to hear what these guys bring to the table when they go darker. We’ll have more on this album in the future for sure.

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Candlelight Records has had a good year with new records from Sourvein, Anaal Nathrakh, and Cruachan, as well as upcoming releases from Falloch and Absu, but they also have a few new things in store for you that will take you back to grind, punk, extreme metal and hardcore’s roots when they reissue some classics. If you’re trying to polish up on your history, this will do the trick, or if you have ragged old copies of these albums, you now can get fresh, new versions. I’ll turn it over to the Candlelight press release, because it gives you plenty of details. This certainly is an exciting venture, one that will give you stunning exposure to the roots.

Candlelight Records will continue its previously launched classics series confirming releases from DischargeExtreme Noise Terror, and The Varukers. New to the series, the label will release “Disensitise” and “War Is Hell” from Discharge on Aug. 23, followed by “Holocaust In My Head” by Extreme Noise Terror on Sept. 27 and the 2CD “The Damnation Of Our Species” by The Varukers.

England’s Discharge are considered one of the first hardcore punk bands that significantly merged metal with their punk stylings. Characterized by a heavy, distorted, grinding guitar sound, the band’s raw, shouted vocals and insightful lyrics made them a favorite on “anarcho” lists from the start. Formed in 1977, the band enjoyed a number of charting albums in the UK in the early ‘80s.Reunited in 2000, the band currently features founder Anthony “Rat” Martin, Tony “Bones” Roberts, Roy “Rainy” Wainright, and Dave “Proper” Caution. “Disensitise” and “War Is Hell” feature all new packaging and include previously unavailable songs.

Extreme Noise Terror’s trademark noise has done very well for the UK bevy over their fifteen-plus year career. The band’s abrasive, dual-voiced, grinding brutality maims, pulverizes, and simply destroys all in earshot. Formed in 1985, grindcore’s founding unit fiercely rallied an international fanbase with sharp lyrics and a piercing sound. Regular guests on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 Program, the band has featured vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway (Napalm Death), guitarist Gian Pyres (Cradle of Filth), and drummer Mick Harris (Napalm Death/Scorn) among their various line-ups throughout the years. Original vocalist Phil Vane passed away in his sleep earlier this year due to a cerebrovascular accident. He was 46 years old. “Holocaust In My Head” compiles 21 tracks of government overthrowing crust/punk all served up in pummeling doses.

Dating to 1979, The Varukers are considered part of the “UK82” or second wave of English hardcore punk. Alongside their peers (Amebix, Chaos UK, GBH), the band’s sound was heavily fueled by the energies and ideologies of 1977-era punk. The band would tour heavily before splintering for several years. Reformed since 1991, the five-piece have continued to impress and keep a loyal and passionate fanbase. “The Damnation Of Our Species” features 44 songs on a special 2cd set, including selections from their “One Struggle One Fight,” “Murder,” “How Do You Sleep” and “Killing Myself To Live” albums.

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Landmine Marathon

Landmine Marathon have their second album for Prosthetic Records, and their fourth effort overall, coming at you Sept. 27, and just from the initial sounds of it, this thing will be a ripper. The record is called “Gallows,” and the artwork is done by Rob Middleton, who’s responsible for classic album covers from Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death and his own band Deviated Instinct. You can see that cover below, and you can preorder the thing already (with a T-shirt, too, if you’d like). The band also is on tour, and the band’s live performances are a sight to behold. Also, singer Grace Perry WILL kick you if you get too close to her comfort zone, but it’s all a part of the fun.

Here’s the track list for “Gallows”

1. Three Snake Leaves
2. Cutting Flesh and Bone
3. Knife From My Sleeve
4. Liver and Lungs
5. Dead Horses
6. Cloaked in Red
7. Beaten and Left Blind
8. Morbidity

To catch the band live, here are their summer dates:

July 29 – Canoga Park, CA – The Cobalt Café
July 30 – San Diego, CA – The Shakedown
July 31 – Ventura, CA – Zoey’s Café
Aug. 2 – Fresno, CA – The Ranch
Aug. 3 – Reno, NV – Jub Jub’s Parlor
Aug. 4 – Sacramento, CA – The Fire Escape
Aug. 5 – Oakland, CA – Sub/Mission
Aug. 6 – Arcata, CA – The Alibi
Aug. 7 – Medford, OR – Musichead
Aug. 8 – Portland, OR – East End
Aug. 9 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon Lounge
Aug. 10 – Boise, ID – The Shredder
Aug. 11 – Salt Lake City, UT – Salt Lake Recording Services
Aug. 12 – Denver, CO – The Rockaway
Aug. 13 – Santa Fe, NM – The Underground

AMERICA TORN ASUNDER – Warbringer, Lazarus A.D., Landmine Marathon, Diamond Plate:
Oct. 3 – W. Hollywood, CA – Key Club
Oct. 4 – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
Oct. 5 – Las Vegas, NV – Cheyenne Saloon
Oct. 6 – Tempe, AZ – Clubhouse
Oct. 7 – Gallup, NM – Juggernaut
Oct. 8 – Oklahoma City, OK – Pour House
Oct. 9 – Austin, TX – Emo’s Alternative Lounge
Oct. 10 – New Orleans, LA – The Hangar
Oct. 11 – Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
Oct. 12 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
Oct. 13 – Charlotte, NC – The Casbah
Oct. 14 – Baltimore, MD – Sonar
Oct. 15 – Frederick, MD – Krug’s Place
Oct. 16 – Kingston, NY – The Basement
Oct. 17 – Trenton, NJ – Championship Bar
Oct. 18 – New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre
Oct. 19 – Albany, NY – Bogie’s
Oct. 20 – Hartford, CT – Webster Underground
Oct. 21 – Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
Oct. 22 – Buffalo, NY – Broadway Joe’s
Oct. 23 – Toronto, ON – Wreck Room
Oct. 24 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
Oct. 25 – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
Oct. 26 – St. Paul, MN – Station 4
Oct. 27 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
Oct. 28 – Detroit, MI – Blondie’s
Oct. 29 – St. Louis, MO – The Firebird
Oct. 31 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
Nov. 1 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
Nov. 2 – Reno, NV – The Alley
Nov. 4 – Vancouver, BC – Funky Winker Bean’s
Nov. 5 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
Nov. 6 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
Nov. 7 – San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside

For more on the band, go here:

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Get Deafheaven for free

If you haven’t taken time to check out Deafheaven as of yet, here’s your chance. Their excellent debut album “Roads to Judah” was released earlier this year, and if you scroll down a bit, you’ll be able to find our review of that album. It is highly recommended (the record, that is …).

Now comes a freebie from the band and their label, as they offer up “Live at the Blacktop,” the latest in a download series, that are offered up for free, from Deathwish-related artists. So yeah, you have no excuse now because you don’t have to part with your hard-earned cash in order to hear these guys. Their atmospheric, melodic, scream-heavy black metal is a mighty force, and if you like what you hear on this live album, do check out the rest of their stuff. I’ll add links, as usual, below in order for you to check out the band or buy their stuff.

Above is the album cover of the EP, recorded at a dock-turned-venue site called the Blacktop in Bell Gardens, Calif.,along with Low Places, Joyce Manor and labelmates Touche Amore. They plays songs from both their eye-opening demo as well as their “Judah” debut, so you get a good sampling of everything the band does. OK, I’ll shut up. Go download this. They actually want you to do that. Nice folks, those Deathwish people.

To download “Live at the Blacktop, go here:

For more on the band, go here:

To buy “Roads to Judah” and other Deafheaven-related stuff, go here: