Mares gallop into town to slay you

Calgary sludge metal destroyers and friends of Meat Mead Metal Mares of Thrace have some exciting news for you if you want to go get your face beaten in at a live show.

The duo of G. Thérèse Lanz (guitars/vocals/dragon slayer) and Stefani MacKichan (drums/scary spider and insect collector) will be hitting the road for a quick tour this summer that you should go out of your way to see. For me to go out of my way, I’ll have to travel to godforsaken Ohio (though I do have some inking business to attend to in Columbus) since the ladies decided not to book Pittsburgh. Not that I’m bitter. In perhaps unrelated news, Lanz just wrapped live bass duties with KEN mode on their recent sojourn, another damn tour that missed Pittsburgh. Oh well.

That’s not the only exciting thing happening in Mares world, as they also have posted a new demo track “The Gallwasp” from their upcoming new album, which is tentatively due for release next spring. The track, quite obviously, is pretty raw, but it sounds mammoth. Lanz’s brutal, doomy riffing and penchant for bloody, catchy melodies remain intact (that’s one of things I liked so much about their last album “The Moulting”), as she goes more for a guttural approach to her vocals before unleashing some banshee cries toward the end. MacKichan, of course, gives her kit no mercy, keeping a vicious pace and outright assaulting her cymbals when the need arises. It’s a nice, meaty song that bodes well for what’s in store for their next record.

To hear the new Mares of Thrace demo, go here:

To read about the gall wasp, go here:

If you’re new to the band, I’ll add a link to my review of their excellent album “The Moulting” below. The record came out last year on Arctodus and easily registered as one of my top 10 favorite metal albums of 2010. It’s also an album I still listen to pretty regularly, and as someone who listens to anywhere from 500-1,000 new albums every year (no exaggeration), to have one truly stick out among all of that and remain a go-to record is something special. For me, that is. I mean, I’m some guy in Pittsburgh sitting on a couch with a cat, so keep that in mind, but you really are missing out on one of metal’s freshest, most exciting new bands if you don’t check them out. Below are the dates for their tour, so if you’re in one of these locales, go see if the live power matches the studio output. I’m guessing it will.

Aug. 3 Calgary, AB Undermountain

Aug. 4 Saskatoon, SK Lucifest @ Amigo’s*

Aug. 5 Winnipeg, MB Arsonfest @ The Death Trap*

Aug. 7 Thunder Bay, ON @ Black Pirates Pub*

Aug. 8 Sault Ste Marie, ON @ The Rosie*

Aug. 9 Ottawa, ON @ Café Dekcuf*

Aug. 10 Montreal, QC @ Katacombes*

Aug. 11 Quebec City, QC @ Bar le Kameleon*

Aug. 12 Toronto, ON @ Parts and Labour*

Aug. 13  Hamilton, ON @ the Casbah*

Aug. 14 Detroit, MI @ The Shack*

Aug. 15 Dayton, OH @ Blind Bob’s*

Aug. 16 Columbus, OH @ Legion of Doom*

Aug. 17 Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton*

Aug. 18 St Louis, MO @ APOP Records*

Aug. 19 Chicago, IL @ The Mutiny*

Aug. 20 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club*

Aug. 21 Minneapolis, MN @ The Rat Hole*

Aug. 22 Fargo, ND @ New Direction

Aug. 24 Boise, ID @  Visual Arts Collective

Aug. 25 Portland, OR @ Plan B

Aug. 26 Seattle, WA @ the Funhouse

Aug. 27 Vancouver, BC @ the Waldorf

Aug 28 Kamloops, BC @ the LBH

*With Enabler (from Milwaukee, ex-members of Today is the Day and Trap Them)

For more on the band, go here:

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To buy “The Moulting” or any of their merch, go here:

To read my review of “The Moulting,” go here: