My wife loves Viking metal

Let me tell a short story: Last night, as we were preparing to go to dinner, I had the new Einherjer album on, and as I am wont to do, I turned it off when my wife entered the room because I didn’t want to annoy her any more than necessary. But to my shock, she asked what it was and said that I should keep it on because she enjoyed it. Viking metal. She chose to listen to the album. Even after I left the room, she kept it playing until about a half hour later when she returned the player to me and said, “OK, I think that’s all I can take for now.”

My wife pays more attention to metal than she cares to admit. She’ll never be a fan, per se, but she absorbs it. Here’s proof: Today, she was published in the Pop Candy blog at USA Today by the fine and wonderful Whitney Matheson, who also is trying to learn more about metal. I am super psyched about this, not just because I love my wife, but because I HAVE BROKEN HER! Yeah! No longer will there be a time in our house when metal is not acceptable, and this is why. Seriously, I am really happy for her that she got published at such an awesome site, and I know she’s really keyed up about it as well.

Oh, and for anyone finding us for the first time because of Pop Candy, hello and welcome. Please look around and send me kind comments about the grammatical errors. And stop back later for my look at the new ICS Vortex album.

To find my wife’s piece about metal, go here:

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