And we’re back … with news on Mares of Thrace and their upcoming ‘Pilgrimage’

You can’t anticipate all problems, can you? One knocked us all around the past few days, that being computer issues. We’re a staff of one, so when things go wrong, it’s not like someone can just step up and make up for the slack. Awww, boo. But we’re back up with a new computer and a keyboard totally differently than my old one, so I keep messing things up. I already had to restart this whole post because I somehow closed it like magic and lost it. Always save, kids.

So everything’s back up and running, and tomorrow we’re planning on being back to normal operations with an album review. Fingers crossed. Also got a lot of really exciting promos the past week or so, and that’ll make for some good fodder the weeks coming. So today we’ll give you a short update on some friends of ours – at least I like to think that they are – in Mares of Thrace. I praised their debut album “The Moulting” (albeit it at another site as we weren’t up and running yet) and named it one of my favorites of 2010. I still listen to it a lot nearly two years later.

Now comes word that the band’s new record “The Pilgrimage” is due for release in April on their new label Sonic Unyon (Voivod, Augury, Threat Signal). The duo of guitarist/vocalist Thérèse Lanz and drummer Stefani MacKichan recorded their new album with producer extraordinaire Sanford Parker in November and December at Chicago’s Engine Studios, and final touches are being put on the music right now. There also are plans for a North American tour in the new year, and details are upcoming.

“Some of the most influential records in my life, from way back in the ’90s up till now, were Sonic Unyon releases,” says Lanz, through a release from Earsplit PR, about the signing. “It’s impossible to understate the impact the label has had on Canadian independent music. Accordingly we are incredibly proud and stoked to partner with Sonic Unyon Metal for our upcoming records.”

We’re pretty pumped about the record as well, and hopefully the stronger label will enable more people to discover Mares’ brand of metallic chaos. Check back for more on the record in the upcoming weeks, as we’ll be sure to give a nice bunch of ink to the new music once it’s in our hands and ears.

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