PICK OF THE WEEK: Triumvir Foul transfer hedonism, chaos, and fury into hell-breathing debut

Triumvir FoulFury and filth are alive and well on this Friday, the end of another week of frustration and anguish for so many people. Bathing in the fire of chaos and madness might seem just the right thing to do right now, although certainly that should be taken metaphorically. Don’t bathe yourself in fire. That really isn’t a very good idea.

All joking aside, it’s an ideal time to absorb music that is awash in fury, and the debut record from Pacific Northwest-based black and death metal tyrants Triumvir Foul should more than answer the bell if you need to be in the center of audio violence. The album actually has been out since December on CD and digital form, so likely there are some of you who already have basked in the band’s terrifying ways. But Blood Harvest is stepping up with the vinyl version of the record, so those of us who swear by the needle and turntable can play this thing in our own inner sanctums, where the terror can destroy us mentally. The music here is filthy and relentless, and the band maintains that pace with hardly any hesitation or mercy through these nine tracks and nearly 42 minutes.

Triumvir Foul coverTriumvir Foul only have been around since 2013, pouring their terrifying campaign into last year’s “An Oath of Blood and Fire” demo, and now this self-titled album. Comprised of members of Ash Borer, Shrine of the Serpent, and Serum Dreg among others, this trio—guitarist/vocalist Ad Infinitum, bassist/vocalist Absque, drummer Cedentibus—battles heavily, weaving in their hedonistic ways, and touching upon corruption, depravity, human weakness, serpent worship, and elements of cabalisticism. Their anger and disgust are tangible on these songs, and their penchant for spiritual warfare is obvious just from hearing the music. This isn’t safe territory for anyone. It’s a war zone, and anyone who enters is going to take one hell of a beating, at least psychologically.

“Labyrinthine – The Blood Serpent Unwinds” begins the record with noises pulsating, chilling chants, howls spilling viciously, and a pounding, mauling pace unwinding and starting the mission. It’s not long before the track turns to manic violence, with the playing scarring, the vocals feeling like a nightmare, and the entire thing boiling with sinister intent. Toward the end, the guitars go off in a tornado, and then it’s on to “Profanation (of the Wicked)” that erupts right away. The song is abrasive, and the growls are wild, with a punchy assault leasing the way and bringing down the proverbial walls. “Pathways to Decay” starts smudgy and doomy, and then the riffs tear open and begin opening wounds. The track is situated in speed and insanity, with the vocals gurgling, the riffs dominating, and a thrashy path being carved through force. “Hedonistic Prayer – the Abhorrent Depths of Perversion” sounds pretty much how its title indicates. It lets off steam and burns in a mid-tempo blaze, while riffs reach over top and strangle, and the animalistic growls and fire-breathing guitars scorch. “The Vomit of the Three Serpents (Ušumgallu, Bašmu, Mušmaḫḫū)” brings our mythical multi-headed creature into the mix, and the band responds in kind with crushing drums, a pace that’s nasty, and blinding demolition doing the most amount of damage possible. The guitars sprawl and twist the brain, while the song’s title is wailed out in pain as the track sizzles out in noise.

“Endless Spiritual Violence” starts in a total eruption, like a volcano spewing smoke, lava, and death all over the place. The band trashes hard, though they hit on a weird groove later in the song, and then the guitars go insane, with the final moments dealing a delirious assault. “Banished to Silence and Slavery” marches hard, like an ancient army stomping and ravaging the land on their way to their next victims. There are pockets of doom, with bizarre melodies trickling over the mass, while the riffs flood to the surface and take up with the disorienting, damaging drums. “Carnal Spectre” stomps like a beast right out of the gates, with the riffs joining to create a tidal wave of power and the vocals coming off as vicious and dangerous. The song is a constant pounding that has no interest in letting up, with the guitars coming across meaty and sinewy, and the final moments of the song boiling in an absolute rage. Closer “Tower of Bašmu – The Corruption of Flesh and Spirit” conjures a mythical serpent and does so in a flood of stabbing noise and punishing blows. The growls are beastly and spray smoke, with slower, muddier areas arriving as the song progresses, and the band hitting on a cataclysmic high that pushes the cut to its peak. The howls are unhinged, the playing drops layers of soot, and the track eventually bleeds away, allowing your first clean breath in nearly an hour.

When this record comes to an end, you’ll know you’ve been through a battle. Triumvir Foul seem to be hell-bent on taking their inner chaos and spreading it across their art not only to help anyone who agrees with them align, but also to set a definite call for war. This music is punishing and smothering, not worried about style points, and ready to rip flesh and bone with its teeth. It’s a devastating record that compromises your soul and lets all of its bile and blood flow in excess.

For more on the band, go here: http://triumvirfoul.bandcamp.com/

To buy the album, go here: http://shop.bloodharvest.se/

For more on the label, go here: http://www.bloodharvest.se/

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