The Body, Full of Hell team for nightmarish terror experience on fiery ‘One Day You Will Ache…’

The Body FOHI swear it was just last week that we were talking about how some metal and extreme music albums have the power to soothe and calm. Well, today we’re going in the total opposite direction as we have something that should chew your nerves and bring you to the brink of panic.

A union of doom duo The Body and noise-drenched grinders Full of Hell makes all the sense in the world, and on their new collaborative effort “One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache” (not sure this is a “Doll Parts” reference, but I think it’s a safe guess), the two units combine forces to create some of the most menacing, hellish noise you ever will hear. I know that’s hyperbolic. It’s also true as fuck. The eight songs these two bands have created (well, one’s a cover, but you’ll never recognize it) are massively heavy, terrifying, and are not for those who are susceptible to major doses of anxiety. Like me! Yeah, a full trip with this thing isn’t easy, and while it may be better on the brain to take this in small doses, the whole journey is worth experiencing whole.

We just visited with The Body last week with their new full-length “No One Deserves Happiness,” and as they are wont to do, they just have material bursting at the seams. This isn’t their first go-around with another band, as they’ve done similar releases with Thou, Krieg, and Vampilla, and it’s never anything less than astonishing to hear how well they adapt to their collaborators and always find new ways to punish you. As for Full of Hell, they also are no strangers to working with other artists, as per their stunning record with Merzbow, and they’ve been carving t quite the following for themselves as a crushing live act and as one of the most promising newer noise and metallic artists going.

The title track greets you with pitchforks blazing, as noise settles in, drums and beats mix and clash, and Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker lets loose with animalistic growls and shrieks. The track reaches a boil really early, with The Body’s Chip King’s inhuman gasps situated behind, an ominous feel rising, and the back end of the track melting into goo. “Fleshworks” has voices warbling, drums rounding up, and Chrissy Wolpert infusing beauty into total confusion. Voice effects on the howls make this terror seem oddly dreamy, and each inch of this spins your mind. “The Butcher” is a stunning, smothering cover of the Leonard Cohen song, with their take coming off like a death-noise-drenched murder ballad. Desperation, pain, and blood are splashed everywhere, as the bands do damage that’ll change your view of the song forever. “Gehorwilt” is absolute demolition, a blinding assault you never see coming and can’t avoid. Voices swirl in the air, while King’s raid siren howls sink in their teeth, and Walker’s growls deliver blunt death blows that mix with the slurry, disgusting bass and the total brain fuck of sound.

“World of Hope and No Pain” is a mere 40-second blast, but they make every move count, with both voices raising your blood pressure, and the rest of the players laying waste to any semblance of order. “Himmel and Holle” is complete madness from the start. Shrieks rain down, dropping a bloody mix over the death growls that accompany them. Noise spits and glazes, while relentless insanity devastates, sounding like one war is spread on top of another, with the body count rising. Every bit of this is chaos, and it only allows you a breath when the sounds subside. “Bottled Um” scrapes along, doing its worst in a calculated manner so you’re forced to feel every stab. Walker’s monstrous approach teams with King’s insanity, as the band hits an odd groove that’s almost catchy. But then it’s back into the mouth of hell and right into the closer “The Little Death.” There, the picture rips open, with Walker taking the first shots, and King following him by peeling the paint off the walls with his cries. The bands pound away hard, with reckless abandon, almost as if they’re trying to do harm to themselves. Mauling and splattering, chewing and gouging, both bands make their final blasts right through your chest cavity, as their din of death bleeds away.

The Body and Full of Hell make for a pretty perfect union, and their devastating collaboration on “One Day You Will Ache Like I Act ” lives up to expectations but also blasts them into bloody bits. This is not-for-the-faint-of-heart stuff, a record that warps minds, induces panic, and squeezes your patience. If, once this is over, you’re curled in a ball and rocking yourself back and forth for comfort, that just means you got it. Nice work, friend.

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