Irish death crushers Coscradh push fiery, chaotic punishment on hellacious self-titled demo

CoscradhThe first jolts of chaos from a band could be indicative of massive fires to be flamed in the future. It’s the rawest form in which a band can reveal itself, those first recordings, and often these are the pieces looked back years later as the formative period in which so many lavish praise. Sometimes people even go too far, dismissing so much of what followed those initial songs that scarred our ears. But we’ll worry about that one later.

Irish death metal heathens Coscradh are unleashing their new four-song demo into the world, and if this piece of work is any indication of their future, we’re merely peering into the cauldron of hell that this band has inside of it. This thing feels like opening the door to a blast furnace, taking in the massive waves that char your arm hair and makes you gasp where you stand. The filthy infernal death spread over these tracks is massive and quite tangible, and it seems like this first offering is a mere hint at what’s ahead for the band. Along with the violent impression is some impressive playing. It’s not flashy or technical, but it cuts right to the bone, with guitars leading the assault and the drums absolutely pummeled into oblivion.

Coscradh coverCoscradh’s name is Gaelic for “to slaughter or massacre,” and they prepare the field for that very thing from the moment this thing starts playing. They do so under a shroud of mystery, as their online profile is presented sans responsible parties, and even their Metal Archives profile is devoid of much information beyond the basics. But no matter. The fury on this smothering, nearly 25-minute demo is all that really matters, and Invictus Productions stepping up to release this music on a limited number of cassettes (300, so stop stalling) shows they, too, recognize this massive force and are getting in on the ground floor. Wise choice from one of underground metal’s more reliable labels. Also, one of the band’s first shows was an opening slot last year for Tribulation, so that goes to show antennas are up.

The first three songs all take the past tense of a verb that brings torment. “Buried” starts with ominous riffs and a doomy fury, rumbling along in a haze of black noise that stretches its way through most of the song before the hellish growls are unleashes. From there, the pace dizzies, leads spit sparks, and a delirious pace brings this to an end. “Lynch” gets riled up and bursts out of the gates with speed. The growls are smeared with echo, with the drums taking a rattling beating, and the guitars chugging heavily. Soloing catches fire and unloads, with the song disappearing into a noise vortex. “Drowned” runs 7:06 and has riffs pounding and a dank basement feel. The growls are monstrous and mean, with the guitars boiling over and spilling lava, and a sudden sense of calm settling. But that’s short lived as the noise scrapes, the growls deface, and a sound pocket is situated in eeriness. Closer “Coscartac” goes 7:49 and simmers in doom blackness, setting off a mid-paced assault. The pace trudges and thrashes, with fast blasts of aggression striking, and cavernous growls echoing off the walls. Sabbath-style swagger emerges from the guitars, with a haunting swath of sound hovering over and extinguishing everything.

Coscradh show a ton of promise to bring filthy and menacing chaos to underground death metal, and this self-titled demo is a bruising behemoth. This is 25 minutes of pure death metal torture, the type that should scare the hell out of the uninitiated and please those who embrace sounds from the gutter. Hopefully up next, they spread their power across a full-length release.

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