Pandiscordian Necrogenesis has Domignostika rattling bones all alone on fierce ‘Outer Supernal’

People do some crazy, bizarre shit in the metal world that kind of defies logic. Artists jam in weird influences, write songs about all kinds of ideas that would scare the hell out of the general public, and even find new ways of expressing the music. For Ephemeral Domignostika, veteran of many bands, his most daring work has come in his one-man project Pandiscordian Necrogenesis.

Yes, Domignostika has destroyed our minds and hearing with bands including Pale Chalice, Mastery, Apprentice Destroyer, and Ulthar (from which we’re going to hear soon), but the work he does here truly stands out because he does everything himself. All at once. With no set plan. Domignostika composes all of the music with guitar, vocals, and drums (there is synth used in the instrumental cuts), and everything is put together in improvisational fashion. Sound insane? Over the course of the last decade, Domignostika has carved out his unique brand of black metal on 2010 full-length debut “Cerebral Quasaric Lacerations,” a couple demos, and now “Outer Supernal.” This 11-track album that’s being released by Gilead Media is a baffling, punishing, weird display that sounds raw yet pure. Each moment of this album is compelling, even more so when you realize this is all being done at the same time by the same person. It’s one hell of a display, and it’s bleeding with ingenuity.

“Gate of Shields” is a quick intro cut that lets go weird zaps and keys before feeding into the title track, which has riffs compounding and the drums rattling away. Domignostika’s howls penetrate and tear, sounding demonic and monstrous, while the melodies storm, and dark chaos erupts. The riffs then get more deranged, as the song gets sicker, with the madness eventually winding down and showing mercy. “Void Supernal” is speedy and chaotic, with the vocals smeared and the drumming unleashing a burst. The track sounds unhinged and gains power, punishing as the track ends in a mass of gurgled growls. “Hidden Supernal” is doomy and dark, with dizzying weirdness surfacing and Domignostika’s creaky growls sounding feverish. The pace injects infection, while the vocals crackle and gargle blood, and everything ends up in a disorienting chasm that slowly melts away. “End Supernal” has drums rupturing, a killer riff emerging, and the melodies scrambling and splattering. The riffs get even faster, while the pace clobbers, as the track takes on a punk-like vibe that dents your head.

“Gate of Uncreation” is a synth-based instrumental that feeds into the record’s second half, and it gives off a chilly sci-fi vibe that’s intoxicating. “Blood Ascension” strikes with savage riffs that look to kill, while a blinding fury rips you from one end of the song to the next. The drumming really drives the pace, while the guitars light up later on and brings a hell storm, continuing that intensity until the song reaches its end. “Throne Ascension” has dark riffs and a frosty ambiance, as the song takes on a wintry black metal feel, with the vocals carving away. The track later catches fire and lets the blaze spread, fading out into chaos. “Rift Ascension” brings steady drumming and intertwining riffs, with wild shrieks pounding away and the tempo hitting the gas pedal. The growls bathe in acid, as the song hits a tornadic high before passing out. “Depth Ascension” simmers in doom and a slower, murkier pace before growls begin to roar, and we’re into a dizzying haze. The pace of the song jars back and forth, making you feel swollen and vulnerable, before it takes on a throbbing tempo before heading out the door. Finally, “Gate of Vexations” ends the record with sky-bound synth, headed toward the stars and beyond before disappearing out of sight.

As many chances as people take in metal, few are as willing to put themselves out there quite like Domignostika. This literal one-man-band proves that with time and effort, you can create evil, spellbinding shit all by yourself, which we learn on “Outer Supernal.” Pandiscordian Necrogenesis is like no other band out there, quite literally, and this album is one that’ll make an indelible impression for any number of reasons. Most of them brutal.

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