PICK OF THE WEEK: Darsombra go into psychedelic bends, cosmos on calming opus ‘Transmission’

If we’re being 100 percent honest, and we are, this hasn’t been the best year of all time personally, as the anxiety, depression, and impostor syndrome trio has really done a number on the psyche. So, sometimes hearing violent, furious music is exactly what I need, but in other instances, something that’s the opposite of that works better so I can simply breathe.

Baltimore duo Darsombra seemed to arrive at just the right time with their new record “Transmission,” a single-track, 41-minute album that’s as psychedelically warming as it is cosmically adventurous. Through this entire sojourn, guitarist/vocalist/effects creator Brian Daniloski and synth player/gong crasher/visual artist/vocalist Ann Everton pour their imaginations and artistic skills into this expansive display that, quite obviously, you need to absorb front to back. If you do, the reward will be yours as the boundaries in your mind are stretched, and you might find that you’re able to dial back all the chaos of everyday life and simply live within this world. It’s done that for me as it helped level me and balance the noise that always seems to rear its head.

“Transmission” slowly emerges from a fog, as a trancey ambiance is set up and maintained through the entire piece, and guitars drip from the heavens. The first part has a mid-afternoon desert feel as psyche keys emerge and color the horizon, the music stirs, and Daniloski and Everton commit to harmonized chants that stretch over the next section of the song. Guitars snake through as minds are pushed on high, and the playing keeps cutting through before the band starts to slowly crush you. That crunch leads toward space bubbles as the guitars warm up and give off beams of light, and things trickle toward center, giving a bit of an Earth vibe, which is always welcome. It then feels like the music has tunneled through your head and into your brain as the fuzz is amplified, riffs slowly light up again, and the tempo trots through the dust, as your head continued to buzz. Cool riffs release breezes and waft, and then things burn and bustle as the song heads toward the home stretch. Wordless chants are sung, your head is filled with dreams from other planes, and everything spills out into a calming bed of chimes.

Darsombra have become road warriors and created a live setting that is totally theirs and welcomes your own energy. The music on “Transmission” sounds like it’ll be ideal in that place, where Daniloski and Everton stretch out and try to make a connection with those who have assembled to witness their art. This new, entrancing chapter of Darsombra’s journey will take you out of this world, beyond your mind, and into strange corners that might seem terrifying at first but ultimately lead you to a deeper mental discovery.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/darsombra

To buy the album, go here: https://www.darsombra.com/catalog.html

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