Warsenal metal thrashing mad as they deliver delirious chaos with eye-raking ‘Feast Your Eyes’

At no point in time have we ever considered this site an expert-level collection of stories about heavy metal bands and the new records they release. Really, no site should declare that because that assumes you know everything, and no one does. But we’d like to think we’re pretty knowledgeable, but to say things never have flow under our radar would be a lie.

So, when I got a release about “Feast Your Eyes,” the latest album from Warsenal, I got immediately confused when I read them referred to as Canadian thrash metal “legends.” I’d like to think most bands who are deemed legends have passed through my brain before, so after doing some quick research, I deemed to issue to be the word choice by whoever wrote the piece. Warsenal have been around since 2012, and “Feast Your Eyes” (can’t confirm whether this record is based on Dominic Dijakovich’s ring skills) happens to be their second album overall. This isn’t to take away from the band that takes that speed tag quite literally as these nine songs are fast as hell, which made notetaking really difficult because things are happening so rapidly. So, the “legendary” tag is lovingly premature, but there’s enough biting material here that in time and with more crushing material like this, the band—guitarist/vocalist Matthew Rondeau, bassist Jeffrey Millaire, drummer Vincent Caron—can earn that lofty title. This record is just scathing.

“Forever Lost” gets the thing started with blinding guitar runs, nasty vocals, and riffs confounding and twisting the brain. It takes some guts to start off a record with a track this weird, though it starts to normalize itself with your psyche as it reaches its melodic, crashing end. “I Am the Blade” has the bass rumbling before the guitars catch fire and blast some killer riffs. The thrashy gang-shouted chorus is fun, and then a bluesy shift breaks in, complete with scraping wails and a very busy finish. “Lords of Rifftown” is a mauler, with more riffs that strike you before you know what’s happening, as well as a punchy chorus that should go over well live. Guitars go all over the map, including a sharp solo that leads to a crushing finish. “Insatiable Hunger” lets the riffs punch back as raspy shouts belt you, with Rondeau howling, “I’m looking for something sweeter!” That leads to the band throwing everything at the wall again, bringing it down with every punch in its arsenal.

“Doomed From Birth” has an acoustic lead in, but don’t be fooled because the hammer is on the other side. The track explodes, with a solid bassline leading the way, and the verses totally overwhelming with speed. The vocals are just spat out, as Rondeau shouts, “Cursed!” three times before the track blasts out. “You Better Run” has riffs shuffling and confusing, as the song tears into your spine, with Rondeau warning, “If you hear me coming, you better run!” Fierce screams and a pace that changes on a dime shake up your guts, while the track ends with huge body blows. “Burning Ships” is fiery as hell when it starts with speedy leads, gruff cries, and a pace that just flattens. The bass actually turns kind of proggy toward the end before the leads blaze brightly again as the song barrels out. The title track again features guitars that just go off, as Rondeau cries, “We’re spilling blood for your delight!” That kicks it into an even higher gear as the guitars go for broke, and Rondeau wonders, “Are you not entertained?” Very much so, yes. “Crystal Whip” brings the record to its end as guitars race, a rapid-fire chorus breaks ribs, and the track ends in a blaze that’ll have you covering your eyes and racing for shelter.

I didn’t mean any insult to the band over questioning the used of “legendary” in their bio, as that’s not their fault at all, and really, they’re a damn good band. “Feast Your Eyes” is one of the rowdiest albums I’ve heard this year, and their thrash chops definitely are not to be questioned. As long as the band keeps compiling killer material like they did here, they’ll be gashing people and spilling blood for years.

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