Christworm furiously approach disappointment, irritation with hammers on ‘Breeding Weakness’

It’s seemingly impossible not to feel like shit mentally and physically pretty much 24 hours a day. Well, unless you’re not paying attention to anything or you retweet asshole politicians you think care about you but would have you first against the wall. There’s a lot to be disgusted about these days, and that’s kind of an unhealthy thing, really.

Baton Rogue duo Christworm feels that, but they also have their band as an outlet to get out their frustrations and anger that have built up inside of them. That’s on full display with their spine-wrenching debut album “Breeding Weakness,” a five-track, 33-minute beating that mixes molten doom and bristling noise in a manner that sounds almost cruel. The pairing of guitarist/vocalist George Caldwell and drummer/vocalist Travis Slayton has been making ungodly sounds for eight years now with a split and a demo to their name before this monstrous awakening. It’s a record that gets more pulverizing with each listen, which seems impossible after it shreds your bones on a first visit, but go back again and again as more levels peel off and you find yourself drowning in a pool of lava, saliva, and aggression.

“Spineless” opens the record with riffs snarling and smearing and the growls utterly burying any hope for peace. The playing is slow and sludgy as the band lays waste to your senses, with the howls of, “Fucking coward!” boiling in a cauldron is disappointment and guts. That sprawls into the 8:49-long title track where guitars hypnotize before total demolition is unleashed. The cry of, “Your savior has failed you!” bludgeons as the band mashes mercilessly, overwhelming and finding ridiculous new ways to be oppressively heavy. The playing doubles down on the fiery doom as the growls scars, flesh is melted away, and the track burns a path to what’s next.

“Amygdala” picks up with smoking riffs and sooty playing, weighing down on chests as the vocals scrape at congealed wounds. “I am filled with regret,” is howled as the playing continues to smash through gates and assaulting what’s behind them. “Dismal View” scorches for 7:19 as the sound bleeds in, and the riffs punch your ribs while the vocals smother ash over their unsuspecting victims. Noise rings out and stings as a storm builds a wall of chaos into the 8:27-long closer “Bastard Flesh” that has an utterly disintegrating start. The playing quickly turns fast and deadly as the band pounds away with reckless abandon, looking to exorcise any demon in the room. The hellscape builds furiously as menacing power and monstrous pounding combine to beat your psyche into submission. From there, the growls scar, your blood is infected, and everything ends in a blast of corrosion.

Feeling like you’re at the mercy of your anxiety and personal darkness definitely doesn’t put you in a corner all by yourself, as so many people are suffering the same way. Christworm’s means for handling their own chaos is what you hear on “Breeding Weakness,” their molten debut record that’s something that’ll no doubt stick with us as the year goes on and only gets more volatile. The band encourages people to experience this in person in order to truly burn away your troubles, but having a physical copy of this earth-rupturing music sure as shit is a great option.

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