Hardcore crushers Entry exude unity along with their smashing fire blasts on debut ‘Detriment’

Photo by Erica Lauren

For absolutely no good reason at all, we don’t end up doing a lot of hardcore records on this site, likely because there’s so much metal to cover that it just gets pushed to the side. And there probably are people better equipped than we are to cover it. But that doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention, so when we can highlight a killer band, we’ll do so.

Southern Lord is basically running as half doom/half hardcore and has for some time now, and they’re delivering “Detriment,” the debut record from Entry. This nine-track record is over before it hits the 15-minuite mark, but it is a barnstormer of an album and makes a devastating impression in no time at all. The California-based band—vocalist Sara Gregory, guitarist Clayton Stevens, bassist Sean Sakamoto, drummer Chris Dwyer—raises the banner for unity in music, pulling into the more positive, strength-bearing aspects of punk and hardcore, but they do so with a stormy, catchy, brutal style that also delves into death metal just a bit. It’s a really energetic listen.

“Intro” is a quick starter with noise hanging in the air and grungy guitars, setting the stage for “Your Best Interest” to erupt. Things just rip apart as Gregory’s raspy wails blacken eyes, and the basslines pummel. The senses are completely mashed as the playing scrapes away, and the drums decimate. “Vulnerable” bursts out of its own body as punches are thrown, and Gregory’s throaty howls slice and dice. The riffs hold everything together as the playing stampedes heavily to the end. “Secondary” has drums exploding and punk blasts tearing everything apart. “We are secondary,” Gregory shouts as the track comes to a sudden, mashing end. “Selective Empathy” delivers rad punk riffs that ignite into melody before Gregory leaps all over things. The strong pace gets the blood charging while the track ends in a slow maul.

“These Feelings” bathes in feedback before the basslines drive, and the guitars completely explode. Maniacal hell is unleashed as speedy blasts erupt, and the track ends in madness. “Not Your Decision” begins with Gregory howling a quick “1-2-3-4!” to get things racing. Her vocals scrape by while the guitars fire up, and the clobbering pace is suddenly over before you know it. “Control” gets off to the races while Gregory’s vocals rip at the flesh, and the playing has a heavy punk charge. The song is catchy and filthy as the playing comes to a fiery conclusion. “Demons” closes the album, and it’s the longest track here, running 3:32. It’s also a step toward death metal terrain as they slow it down and allow the lava to build up and spill over, with the vocals sounding molten. The track continues its mauling best, hammering like a beast toward hell’s gates.

Entry make one hell of a monstrous impression on “Detriment,” a record you can hear in full in the amount of time it takes to shower, not that we recommend doing that because you might slip and fall down while punching the walls. This record works perfectly on Southern Lord’s increasingly diverse roster, and the band’s mix of punk, hardcore, and a touch of death metal should help them find a loyal audience there. The intensity and passion here cannot be denied, and this should be the opening salvo from one of hardcore’s best new hopes for the future.

For more on the band, go here: https://www.facebook.com/Entryband

To buy the album, go here: https://southernlord.com/store/

For more on the label, go here: https://southernlord.com/