Ambient beasts Urfaust pair up their strange alchemy with gin on brain-coating ‘Teufelsgeist’

Metal and alcohol have gone hand in hand pretty much since the dawn of this style of music, and that combo has wreaked havoc over people’s live and helped sparked some incredible art over. Along those lines, bands have had beers named after them, and some have their own wines and brews in which they had a hand in creating, and that’s something that’s just going to become more common.

The latest to embrace the ties with alcohol are Dutch ambient black metal ghouls Urfaust, who have tied their latest album “Teufelsgeist” (translates into “vicious circle”) into a package along with a small-batch gin (in partnership with Hoos London Gin) under the same name. Right now, there is no link to purchase the package, but keep watching Urfaust’s social media and Ván Records’ site for when the whole thing is available. The music is available digitally right now. This pairing makes total sense as this band always unfurls sophisticated, elegant sounds to terrify, so naturally they’d combine that chaos with a gin. It’s just classier. As for the music, get ready to dive back into the blackened void from which the band—guitarist/vocalist IX, drummer VRDRBR—seems to find their inspiration as you go on a strange, dramatic ride into the darkest regions of your brain.

“Offerschaal der Astrologische Mengvormen” starts with a synth swirl whipping you into darkness while mystifying playing haunts and enchants, burrowing into the atmosphere. IX bellows heartily, almost operatically, later getting grittier, almost like Mike Patton at his most dramatic. Synth continues to be a major force while the vocals call out amid a strange fog as calls and winds blend, leaving you at the door of inebriation. “Bloedsacrament voor de Geestenzieners” delivers eerie keys and more singing that reaches for the stratosphere. Some growls punch in here and there as noises pierce your side, and claustrophobic weirdness causes your stomach to tighten. Growls wrench as a funereal pace streaks, the sound cloud buckles, and the track is fried in industrial heat.

“Van Alcoholische Verbittering naar Religieuze Cult” is dreamy and hazy, hanging over like consciousness to which you’re barely clinging, and then the clouds break, and chilly, nightmarish darkness spreads its reach. Ambiance crumbles as the world implodes, and that all drains toward “De Filosofie van een Gedesillusioneerde” that simmers in a disarming fog. Muscular bass strikes while calls hover behind the madness, twisting and churning toward mystery, while alien voices warble in the ether. “Het Godverlaten Leprosarium” ends our adventure in a hiss of horrifying drone, bells chiming, and a void into hell opening its jaws. The track feels like everything is being swallowed whole as you battle your balance and nauseousness, stomach juices swishing recklessly. Noises shriek as your skin grows chilly, tearing at you as your head swims and body shakes.

Urfaust’s dive into drunkenness on “Teufelsgeist” is another captivating chapter from the band, as this is a record completely different from everything else in heavy music right now. That’s hardly a surprise from this duo that finds new and extravagant ways to confound on every release. Let your inhibitions down, let the drink hit your blood, and give in to Urfaust’s most debaucherous moments yet.

For more on the band, go here:

To buy the album and for more on the label, go here:

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