Best of 2012 — 4. DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, ‘WidowMaker’ (Prosthetic)

dragged cover

It’s perhaps a bit of an understatement when I say a lot of metal bands work really hard to be a scary and disturbing as possible. Problem with that, other than saturation taking away the shock effect, is that the bands that really are scary and threatening are few and far between, while so many groups are just going through the motions. So how do you find the real ones, the bands that are genuine and really do shake you to the core? Your ears and your mind should tell you, and if they’re being honest, they’ll take you right to hooded UK band Dragged Into Sunlight. Over two records now, they’ve displayed a sense of menace and fright few bands can touch, and their slow-driving, blackened, sludgy doom is some of the best out there. Their live shows? Ridiculous. Infernal. Damnation on a stage.

Dragged Into Sunlight did something with their second record “WidowMaker” that not a whole lot of bands try these days: a three-movement triptych stretched over 40 minutes. The first third is stretched over nearly 15 minutes, with dramatic movements, strings, and the voices of serial killers such as Tommy Lynn Sells and Richard Ramirez. That explodes quite literally into “Part II,” where the band begins to lay down layers and layers of murder and filth, making for one of the gnarliest, angriest sections of music the band’s ever produced. There are massive guitar lines, some doom breakdowns that flat out destroy the earth’s crust, and emotion that never lets up. “Part III” is more adventurous, proggy in some parts, and filled with noise and chaos. It’s a slow drip that doesn’t ease you or let you rest for a second and fills your body with infection and soot.

Now, sadly, the Dragged fellows were inundated with media leading up to the holidays, so we couldn’t meet up to talk about the record. But we’ve been assured that after the holidays, we’ll hear from these mysterious figures, who will pontificate on “WidowMaker” and the insanity behind the album. For now, we’ll leave you with an audio clip from the band’s You Tube page to give you a taste of what “WidowMaker” is about. Remove all sharp-edged objects from your room before consumption.

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