Best of 2012 — 3. BLUT AUS NORD, ‘Cosmosophy’ (Debemur Morti)

Metal needs more visionaries, artists without fear who will take their ideas to places not approached before, reaction from the masses be damned. We have one of those in Vindsval, the man behind Blut Aus Nord who has stretched his black metal wings so wide, that he hardly can be contained in heavy metal anymore. We’ve gotten  a taste of his ambition over the years (along with creative partners W.D. Feld and GhÖst), but it wasn’t until the “777” trilogy that his true colors were revealed. We found an artist without a care for genre boundaries or how things are “supposed to be done” and went on to put together three of the most compelling records in his and his bandmates’ history as creators. The “777” finale “Cosmosophy” is a masterpiece.

One could argue “Cosmosophy” isn’t purely a heavy metal record, and really, I understand that stance sonically. But in a question I’ve asked all year on this site, what really is heavy metal? Is it a sound, or is it a philosophy and an attitude? I say it’s a bit of both, and clearly Vindsval always has been a master of both. This record is an incredible sonic and spiritual journey, one that you never will have heard anything like if you haven’t spent time with “Cosmosophy” yet. There are elements of post-rock, trip-hop, electronic music, and plenty other sounds that wrap the swirling black metal with colorful texture.  There’s more clean singing than you’ve ever heard from Vindsval, and it even has dashes of gothic madness. The 45-minute collection of these five epitomes completes the story arc of one’s search for meaning, time, a higher being, and place in the cosmos, and I still am trying to figure out what it all means to me many, many plays later.

It is a great honor to us at Meat Mead Metal than the man behind the machine, Vindsval, took some time to answer some of our questions about “Cosmosophy,” the “777” trilogy, and the future of Blut Aus Nord. We could not be more thankful and humbled to bring you words from this incredible artist. Also, do yourself a favor a listen to this masterpiece that’ll make you reconsider what you think to be heavy metal.


Meat Mead Metal: We’re naming “777-Cosmosophy” our No. 3 metal album for 2012. Yet, it certainly goes beyond just metal. Did you know all along that this final installment of the “777” trilogy was going to sound like this? Is this something you always wanted to try?

Vindsval: Yes, absolutely, the whole trilogy was supposed to be a way towards a form of light, since the beginning the falling point is luminous centre of the last cover. Even if the inspiration forms a significant part of the process, everything was written a long time before to start the real work of composition.  I had a very detailed idea of this specific sound, at the same time celestial, thick and extremely heavy. Same thing about the musical evolution of the whole trilogy.  I knew the result before, to start to compose, and the challenge was to concretize and give a sonorous form to this abstract creation.

MMM:  Is the style of music we hear on “Cosmosophy” something we can expect to hear more of in the future? You know you’ll have those listeners who will just want bludgeoned with black metal, but is that something that even bothers you? Do you operate at all with others’ expectations in mind?

V: Everything is possible in the future. Blut Aus Nord is a totally free project. We absolutely don’t care about the expectations of the listeners and the listeners like that. They know that they will be surprised with each new album. Blut Aus Nord is an exciting project for them and…for us.

Meat Mead Metal: What were you hoping listeners took both philosophically and musically from both the “777” trilogy and the “Cosmosophy” album? Is there any room for interpretation, or is your message/story to the point and not open to other views? Is this a summation of your own personal philosophies or did you draw from something else?

V: “777” is about the annihilation of the obsolete concept of time, it represents different stages of the modification of a human soul who becomes a particle of God, comparable to an alchemy in the Flesh of mankind. “777” is the sublime subversive strength of light beyond every forms of beliefs and devotion…The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination. “777,” celestial body, is the purest symbol of the collapse of a world of references.

MMM: Now that the entire “777” trilogy is out there and completed, how do you feel about the project as a whole? Do you feel like the whole story you were trying to tell was conveyed the way you envisioned? 

V: Absolutely, the result corresponds exactly to the initial idea. “Cosmosophy”  is the culmination of a project that dates back 18 months ago. Now the trilogy “777” is complete and the listening of the three albums is extremely comfortable in term of sound, style, etc. This is the most important thing. The evolution from the first epitome to the last one is perfect and very progressive; everything is logical and evident.

MMM: What’s next for Blut Aus Nord. These records certainly followed a rather aggressive release schedule. Is it time for a break, or are you already thinking about your next steps?

V: A break? Absolutely not! I’m already working on new songs for a split with Rebirth Of Nefast. I’m also working on a new project called 777 (the project, not the trilogy), entirely electronic/ambient music, a very dark and strange experience, like a new emanation of Blut Aus Nord. I have a ton of new ideas, projects, and a ton of things to compose and record. I can’t take a break with music, just because music doesn’t want to take a break with me!

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