Brooklyn’s Throaat kick out raw thash, classic black metal on destructive EP ‘Black Speed’

ThroaatI need a jolt. Do you need a jolt? I’m actually guessing I’ll need one as this is going to be running Monday, and typically a few hours into the day I’m I need of something to get me going and make the rest of the week worth seeing through until the end.

Some proper voltage arrives this week via Brooklyn trio Throaat, who have been pretty damn active this year with two EPs and a 7-inch release. Their latest EP, the fiery “Black Speed,” now is dropping in our laps thanks to Invictus Productions (who are on quite the roll themselves this year), and the five songs that greet you are heavy, relentless, and pretty damn fun. No way you can feel anything other than purely energized by these guys, and the band—vocalist/drummer/keyboardist Impurifier, guitarist Destroyer (also of Natur), and bassist Grave Rat—immerse themselves in NWOBHM, first-wave black metal, punk, and all things hellish. If your record collection ends somewhere around 1985 but you want to get a taste of something current that will get you nice and rowdy, Throaat should do the trick.

Throaat coverThe EP kicks off with “The Tortures,” with guitars rambling heavily through an early ’80s time warp, gruff vocals rattling your skeleton, and soloing that blazes viciously. The band changes things up a little in the middle, even teasing with a touch of prog and classic metal charging, before the sound rounds back to the front again and leaves a scorching taste in your mouth. “Coven” is riff heavy and lambasting, trudging massively, hitting upon a brief mystical spell, and eventually speeding up again. Synth bleeds into the picture, with strong, fluid playing alongside it, and vocals that sound like they’re doing a number on Impurifier’s throat.

“Explodes” has a mid-tempo pace that’s heavy and bruising, toughening up moments into the song and letting strong guitars soar overhead. The track delves nicely into classic thrash terrain, kicking up dust and bloodying noses, while a black metal-style assault rips out, with Impurifier howling, “Only in hell do I live again,” as a strong solo and mangling playing taking the song to its final destination. “Rampage” begins with thick bass driving and setting the tone before the rest of the band starts blistering with speed and fury. The growls are harsh, there is more great guitar playing to keep your inner fires burning, and the end smears and hammers at you, leaving you a big black oil streak. The closer is as fitting as they come, a faithful yet roughed-up version of Venom classic “In a League With Satan,” where they wear their influences on their sleeves. Great finish to a blast of an EP.

There you go, short and sweet on this new Throaat offering, which arrives, kicks all the asses, and then leaves with everything choking in their wake. “Black Speed” is one hell of a fun listen, something that can have your blood racing in no time at all. Who needs a caffeine jolt or one of those sure-to-be-deadly energy shots when you can get just what you need from Throaat’s metallic fire?

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