New Mexico-based Superstition bring evil and fire to death on ‘Surging Throng of Evil’s Might’

The rapid expansion of death metal’s fields has meant that the original nastiness and morbidity have been diluted over time. That’s to be expected with artists adding their own touches to the sub-genre, and many of those groups have veered away from the bloodshed to explore other territories.

Yet, New Mexico-based death trio Superstition are not interested in planetary exploration, societal politics, or anything of that ilk. They’re here for evil, intensity, and violence, just like so many of the early pioneers looked to spread. Their demo effort “Surging Throng of Evil’s Might” is their first burst from hell’s gates, and it so impressed 20 Buck Spin that they’re releasing the music to a much wider audience. If we’ve learned anything from 20 Buck Spin over the years, it’s they know what they’re talking about, so if you want to simply take their word and indulge in this fiery five-track effort, you won’t be disappointed. If you need more than that, then you’re about to encounter primal, raw death metal that’s inherently evil and will put a bad feeling in your blood. The band—vocalist/guitarist LS (also of Predatory Light), guitarist/bassist/keyboard player K.M., and drummer D.M.—poke at the same wounds created by bands such as Morbid Angel, Possessed, and Sadistic Intent, and each drip of this thing feels outwardly hostile and dangerous.

“Death’s Fuming Passage” starts off with a weird gust of synth before the riffs fire up, and feral growls start leaving welts. The pace stomps, as the old-style, filthy death feel is everywhere, and the riffs continue to pile on top of each other. As the end nears, the pace speeds up, and the soloing spirals out into the night. “-” is a quick instrumental with strange keyboard circles and odd interference, spilling right into “Outer Mutation,” where the guitars charge, and a doomy cloud forms over everything. The growls are raw, and the pace mashes, as speed again plays a factor, and we’re off to guttural hell. The guitars shred hard, the growls gurgle, and the track echoes away.

The title cut has eerie organs lacing your sanity, as an extended introduction sprawls and sends chills, and then everything is blown to bits. The tempo stomps guts while the guitar assault surges, and speedy stabs work to bring more blood to the surface. The track later barrels out of control, leaving you dizzy, punished, and disoriented. “Grave Portals” is the final assault, and it wastes no time bringing you to the slaughter, with riffs blistering and the growls leaving corrosion. Riffs rain down like a heavy storm, with the keys giving off a haunted vibe that spills the pain of a million souls, and everything disappears into the fog, leaving its sadistic spree behind.

Superstition’s reign of terror has just begun, and if “Surging Throng of Evil’s Might” is any indication, these guys are about to set fire to the underground death metal fields. These are five savage blasts to your psyche that are enthralling, spooky, and devastating. This is death metal that simmers in blood and shredded bone, and it won’t go down easily if you need your stuff polished and pristine.

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