Finnish crushers Krypt expand mix of death metal, doom smoke on vile ‘Remnants of Expansion’

kryptsIf you pay any attention to the news going on in America, it’s a cesspool even the filthiest of horrific minds might not even have dreamed decades ago. An orange clown monster could end up being the leader of the alleged greatest country in the world, and a hurricane is ripping and tearing the East Coast to ribbons. Terror and fury in music? Bring it on.

That leads us to Finnish death/doom troops Krypts and their massive and drubbing second record “Remnants of Expansion.” This five track, 34-minute collection brings crushing ugliness, rivers of blood, and all of if delivered in mostly a slow, torturous way just to make it hurt even more. Anyone who likes their death metal dashed with doom will have a feast day with this thing, and gorging yourself really is the only way to go. The songs are unforgiving and gory, and the power is oppressive. My first visit with this record was during a dark, soaking rainstorm recently, and it seemed the perfect setting. Things were dreary and hopeless, and it felt like it would stay that way forever.

krypts-coverThis is Krypts’ second major foray into the world, as their first full-length effort “Unending Degradation” landed about three and a half years ago. If that record found favor with you, this one’s bound to boil your blood even further. The band—vocalist/bassist Antii Kotiranta, guitarists Ville Snicker and Jukka Aho (also of Goreaphilia who just joined up last year), and drummer Otso Ukkonen—has been together since 2008, and they also have a demo and EP on their resume. On “Remnants,” they solidify the formula and toss in a few extra volatile elements for good measure, and they’re as heavy and cement-truck destructive as you possibly can imagine.

“Arrow of Entropy” opens the record, an unforgiving 10:51 basher that explodes with noise and thick swatches of blackness. The track trudges and forces you to feel every bump in the road, as the lurching, painful growls slither underneath the hell that’s unleashed, and later mournful guitars stretch out to remind there’s much sorrow and pain smashed all over existence. As the track winds down, the tempo drubs heavily, the tones get dreamy and hypnotic, and the whole thing fades into the unknown. “The Withering Titan” unleashes throat-buzzing drone before black metal-style riffs arrive and pour tar and acid. Churning growls and calculated stomping keep punching away before the song explodes, and the band spends the final minutes mashing you terribly.

The title track is a chilling instrumental cut, with slowly drizzling doom pooling and sliding under your door, trippy playing causing your mind to wander, and a foggy exit pulling you into “Entrailed to the Breaking Wheel.” There, doom-infested guitars unfurl, while the drums pelt your fragile psyche, and the song gets unmistakably grim. Growls meet up with dark passages of guitar work, while the body of the track simmers in lava, giving off steam and heat. Vicious howls reach out and grab you, while the smothering chaos burns away. Closer “Transfixed” is mesmerizing when it starts, with the slow-driving playing apply pressure and deep growls scraping the depths of Kotiranta’s lungs. The drumming starts to turn things to dust while the guitars heat up and burn what’s left into ash, leaving you hacking and choking, the perfect prey for Krypts’ guttural violence.

It seems there is a lot of good music bursting through the earth as the Halloween season nears, and Krypts’ “Remnants of Expansion” is another one, and maybe even the bloodiest. This is horrifying music for a horrible time to be alive, and they never skimp on the darkness. You’re bound to wallow in the filth and soot this one spreads all over, and maybe that’ll make it easier to take when poison of modern life pulls over its curtain and claims everyone for good.

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