Hyperdontia unites well-known faces for pummeling, vile death metal on debut ‘Nexus of Teeth’

You know those times when people tell you not to look up a certain thing in your search engine of choice because you’ll be horrified by what you see? And then you do it anyway? And then you see the thing you should not have looked up, and you can’t sleep for an entire week because the images were too horrifying? Yeah. Maybe don’t look up hyperdontia.

That is unless it’s the death metal band Hyperdontia, who are about to deliver their blistering debut record “Nexus of Teeth.” So, if you’re unaware, hyperdontia is a condition where people grow extra teeth, sometimes in horrifying fashion, and seeing images are said situation online is, uh, disturbing. But let’s focus on the band instead, whose members stretch from Turkey to Denmark and contains members of notable other groups including Burial Invocation, Phrenelith, Undergang, Taphos, Sulphurous, and a shit ton more. The band came together by chance, as its members organically met, discussed their musical interests, and realized that, together, they could come up with a devastating death metal force. They were right. Its members—vocalist DM, guitarists MG and M, bassist MC, and drummer PMDT—sound channeled and ferocious, as if they always were meant to be, and these eight tracks spread over a vile 34 minutes are here to kill.

“Purging Through Flesh” starts the record with a death rumble before the brutal assault arrives, and the guitars chug hard. Ugly growls stir, while the guitars create a menace of terror, with the track coming to a disorienting finish. “Of Spire and Thorn” has guitars churning and burning, while misery spills like a thick mudslide, and the growls are pained and nasty. Speed arrives with a growl that blasts out of a throat of blood, while the ugliness continues to build. The leads catch fire toward the end and race to devour everything in front of it. “Teeth and Nails” erupt right away, with a clobbering pace and guitars that chew through muscle. Soloing spirals as a punishing sequence arrives and powders bones, bringing with it a charging end. “Aura of Flies” is punchy and clobbering as the pace hammers recklessly ahead before changing on a dime and turning into a different beast. The song gets thrashy, with the soloing cutting through the center like a hot sword, ending in massive pain.

“Majesty” has calculated riffs and pulverizing tones, while infernal growls rip you apart and send the parts flying. The track gets thrashy and dangerous, though it teases atmosphere for a moment before ending in a bludgeoning. “Euphoric Evisceration” is chunky and deadly with beastly growls striking and the track melting into a spacey vortex. More wild screams are emitted before the track dissolves into lava and flows threateningly ahead. “Escaping the Mortal Embodiment” has guitars twisting and mauling, before a proggy section emerges and makes things strange and exhilarating. The back-end smashes apart everything in its wake, leaving only rubble behind. Closer “Existence Denied” has guitars folding and transforming while the track turns into a massive assault. Bloody growls are smeared, while the song bursts with color, weird basslines confound, and the track bleeds away into oblivion.

Hyperdontia’s very creation may have been by chance, but it sure seems like their existence was carved into death metal’s rotting carcass long ago. “Nexus of Teeth” is a tremendous, punishing debut album that’s even better than the sum of its impressive parts. This is another violent entry into 2018’s death metal contributions that are bordering on obscene.

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