Meat Mead Metal: Best of August

It’s kind of hard to believe the summer is getting ready to end. It doesn’t feel like it lasted that long, but I think that’s because there were so many activities that have gone on the past few months that it made things fly by. We’re now looking back at the best that August had to offer (albeit a couple weeks late, but the schedule is insane with September’s releases), and there was a lot of good stuff. We had some grime, some black metal, plenty of doom, as well as one of the best metal albums off the entire year so far, a definite candidate to place high on our list come December. The cold isn’t far off here in the Eastern part of the United States, so here’s one last shot at living in scorching heat before we’re decked out in layers (also it’s also a great time to enjoy metal, so we’re not complaining).

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