Scorched unleash cosmic doses of violent death metal horrors on damaging ‘Ecliptic Butchery’

Photo by Jacki Vitetta

Just about every day here in America is a goddamn horror story, with each event that would have baffled and infuriated people years only being digested like grease in a clogged artery. Let’s instead pull away from this diseased plane and head into space, where the horrors are relegated to your imagination and can be just a bloody and unforgiving.

Delaware death metal beasts Scorched are going to take you on an intergalactic terror voyage with their devastating second record “Ecliptic Butchery,” yet another insanely good album from a sub-genre flowing with quality content this year. These nine tracks transport you into deep space, where blood is shed generously and smeared all over, and the horrors are amplified because the scenes you’re seeing are altogether alien. Along with the band’s brand of brutal yet technically scarring death comes sheets of icy synth you’d expect from a creepy horror movie in the early 1980s. All of that combined helps the band—vocalist Matt Kapa, guitarists Federico Dimarco and Steve Fuchs, bassist Andrew Benenati, and drummer Matt Izzi—push their blood-soaked trauma to the next level, surpassing their furious debut “Echoes of Dismemberment” and making their filth sicker than ever.

“Blood Splatter Eclipse” starts with cosmic zaps before noise surfaces, and burly riffs tear into your flesh. Kapa’s growls snarl, while the band crushes everything in its wake, unloading thrashy assaults, sludging bone crushing, and everything being sent into a chasm. “Disfiguring Operations” is heavy and evil with sinister riffs splashing blood on the walls and animalistic growls burying you in the dirt. Speed blinds, while the guitars wail away and burn right up to the end. “Astral Savior” is nasty right off the bat, with growls simmering and the band’s playing destroying souls. Doomy guitars arrive to make things even darker, with a razor-sharp solo knifing its way in, and everything falling mercy to a wall of noise. “Bodies Collect” has sounds building before beastly growls from Kapa blister your center and the guitar work charges and stabs. From there, the guitars go off and boil flesh off the bones, while weird horror keys mix in and send chills, with the track succumbing to haunting weirdness.

“Exhibit of Torture” bludgeons from the start, as the growls thicken, and the pace sends your stomach into hyperdrive. Doom streaks color the guitar work, while the soloing is fierce and terrifying before the song punishes you one last time for good measure. “Mortuary of Nightmares” is furious, as the guitars splatter, and the track enters a path of ugly trudging. Death growls combine with an engorging tempo before everything comes to a violently abrupt end. “Darkness Infests” is thick and thrashy with weird psychedelic sounds playing tricks on your mind and the guitars sending you into a wave of dizziness. Strange keys rise later, making this feel alien and odd, and then we’re into “Barbarous Experimentation.” There, fluid riffs and shredding guitar parts draw first blood, while Kapa’s growls sound like they’re gurgling bodily fluids and mud, making this even more disgusting. The band trudges away while Kapa gasps a gross, “Egh!” before it all comes to a blistering end. “Dissected Humanity” closes this tale with chugging violence, leads that scorch skin, and punishing growls. The guitar work leans heavily into strangeness, as an unexpected industrial haze looms large, choking lungs. That, combined with the last throes of savage death, lead into the final movement that feels like the tail end of an old B sci-fi movie, where you can’t believe something possibly could have turned your stomach like this.

Next time you think shit down here can’t get any worse, look to the stars and wonder about the torture and mayhem beyond that’s brutally described on “Ecliptic Butchery.” Scorched are working to ensure death metal remains grimy and plasma coated, all the while delivering the goods in a scintillating, devastating fashion. We’ve been over-served great death metal this year, though we managed to find room to squeeze in the vile morsels force-fed to us by these deranged fucks.

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