Revocation go mundane on ‘Chaos of Forms’

Boston’s Revocation seemed to be on the path to becoming one of modern metal’s most interesting and intricate bands going, and their powerful sophomore album “Existence Is Futile” seemed to be evidence to support that assumption.

That record had really strong guitar work, courtesy of David Davidson and Dan Gargiulo, which could even please prog metal fans, and vocally, it was aggressive enough to grab those in the melodic death and thrash camps. Plus, the band’s profile rose, and magazines that typically don’t do much on metal, such as Spin, even paid honor to the young, up-and-coming bands. Now that their third record “Chaos of Forms” has arrived, it would seem time to build on that reputation and prove they plan to grab extreme metal’s reins with utmost force.

But, at least as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t happen. The record is one of the biggest disappointments of this year, and while I don’t generally listen to the type of music Revocation makes, I liked their last one enough to be excited to hear this one. There are exceptions with every genre, even ones you typically don’t visit, and I found Revocation to be one of those bands before. Instead of progressing positively, they followed the path of another young metal band that, at one time, seemed to have the potential to become a world beater and instead became a mundane, character-free metalcore group that isn’t challenging anyone. Revocation seem to be doing the same thing, and the fact they sound like that unnamed (at least here) band now makes me worry that instead of these guys being top challengers, they’ll be satisfied with just moving some records and that’s all. And I’m assuming that, so I could be wrong, but I’m not excited about this album, and I worry they’re going down a path on which they never should have tread.

My review is live now at Lambgoat, a link to which you can find below. There you can find, in greater detail, why I feel the way I do about Chaos of Forms,” and you can find out the afore-not-mentioned metalcore band with which I’m grouping Revocation. Also, I should point out this record has gotten a lot of favorable reviews elsewhere,  so go try to find some of those, too, before you make up your mind. This is just one view, after all.

To read my review, go here:

For more on the band, go here:

To buy “Chaos of Forms,” go here:

For more on the label, go here:

2 thoughts on “Revocation go mundane on ‘Chaos of Forms’

  1. What a moronic review. The album is a disappointment to a person that doesn’t listen to the style of music that Revocation plays? Sounds like you were just a fan of the previous albums and not the actual the band. Revocation pushes the boundaries with every album that they make. Calling “Chaos of Forms” disappointing and mundane just because you don’t like the style is so dumb.

    • Hey, I appreciate your response and the fact you like the record. I mean, this is a review. An opinion. Yours differs. I think every Revocation record has sounded pretty much the same, and they’ve bored me after the first two. ME. That doesn’t make my word gospel. It’s a review. Digest it as such. When I say the record is disappointing and mundane, I mean it is TO ME. Not the world. Thanks for the words.

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